Quest for 21.0 FFMI

Zone 2 cardio on stationary bike

  • 5 minute warmup
  • 20 minute Zone 2
  • 5 minute cool down
  • 25minutes stretching and mobility work

Workout 5

  • Squat: 105lbs 5x5 - not starting to get challenging but starting to feel like I actually am lifting something
  • Bench: 105lbs 5x5
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 75lbs 5x5 - Swapped these back in because I remembered I originally did weighted pull ups years ago as my gym didn’t have enough free barbells to do rows. My current gym has 10 squat racks so there is almost always open barbells to use.
  • Tricep rope push down: 60lbs 3x12 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 85lbs 3x15
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 8,8,10
  • Hanging leg raise 3x11

Workout 6

  • Squat: 110lbs 5x5
  • OHP: 75lbs 5x5
  • Deadlift: 115lbs 1x5 - Used my belt and braced properly, no back strain
  • Dips: 20lb 3x12 - will be adding 5lbs next time
  • Pull-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 9,9,8 - okay with this, remembered when I was doing 5x12 a year ago I was doing chins/pull-ups as my second exercise instead of last, and was 10 lbs lighter.
  • Hanging leg raise: 3x12,11,11 - controlled, toes to bar. Got complimented by a fit middle aged guy on my form.

Hopefully I can workout Thursday. Will be at the beach and need to find a gym that has a day pass.


Workout 7

  • Squat: 115lbs 5x5 - was actually a bit challenging but probably about RPE 5-6
  • Bench: 110lbs 5x5
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 95lbs 5x5
  • Tricep rope push down: 65lbs 3x10 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 90lbs 3x12
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 3x8
  • Hanging leg raise 12,12,11

Would love any insight/form check if anyone sees this! This was my last set of squats, first 3 reps.


I found some humor in your typo. Still works, but probably not what you intended haha.

Looks good to great to me.


Workout 8

  • Squat: 120lbs 5x5 - last set started to get challenging, maybe RPE 7
  • OHP: 80lbs 5x5
  • Deadlift: 125lbs 1x5 - super easy
  • Dips: 25lbs 3x10
  • Chin-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 10,10,5 - grip gave out on last set
  • Hanging leg raise: 3x12


  • Zone 2 cardio, 20 minutes + 5 minute warmup/cooldown
  • Stretching - Very tight today. I have fucked up feet and usually spend 10ish minutes standing/rolling the bottom of my feet on a lacrosse ball to loosen up all the tendons and connective tissue. Super painful and tight because I wasn’t doing this while on vacation.

Workout 9

  • Squat: 125lbs 5x5 - first set was kinda challenging, but that warmed me up more I guess and the rest of the sets felt good but still a tad challenging. Last set still RPE 6-7 maybe.
  • Bench: 115lbs 5x5 - easy
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 105lbs 5x5 - easy
  • Tricep rope push down: 70lbs 3x8 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 90lbs 3x14
  • Dumbbell curl: 20lbs 14,14,12
  • L-Sit hold: 26 seconds, 22s, 13s

Time to start eating more since things are getting challenging but not hard with the squat. Hopefully can put some muscle on here.


Workout 10

  • Squat: 130lbs 5x5 - starting to get pretty challenging. Last set RPE 8-ish. Thought it wasn’t going to get this tough until 155 :confused:
  • OHP: 85lbs 5x5 - starting to get slightly challenging. Last set RPE 6-7
  • Deadlift: 135lbs 1x5
  • Dips: 25lbs 3x10
  • Pull-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 3x9 - almost/barely chest to bar last 2 reps. Will repeat 3x9 next time.
  • Hanging leg raise: 12,12,13

Workout 11

  • Squat: 135lbs 5x5 - Last set around RPE 8 or lower. Realized on my last set I’ve still been doing a slight pause at the bottom of the rep, so I need to work on eliminating that (but not bouncing) as the pause was making it a lot more challenging.
  • Bench: 120lbs 5x5 - easy
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 115lbs 5x5 - been doing 10lb jumps on these. gonna change to 5lb jumps from here now that i’m about caught up with bench
  • Tricep rope push down: 70lbs 9,9,10 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 90lbs 15,14,14
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 9,9,11
  • Hanging Leg Raise 13,13,12

Yesterday did Zone 2 cardio on the bike and stretching.

Bodyweight has been dropping even though I’ve been trying to maintain and/or gain. Don’t feel like I’ve lost any fat though. Down like 1.5 lbs somehow. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to build it back up.

Today - Workout 12

  • Squat: 140lbs 5x5 - Felt really good, tried not to pause in the bottom. Last set RPE ~7
  • OHP: 90lbs 5x5 - Last set RPE ~8
  • Deadlift: 145lbs 1x5 - easy
  • Dips: 30lbs 3x8
  • Chin-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 3x10
  • Hanging leg raise: 3x13

Workout 13

  • Squat: 145lbs 5x5 - Felt great. Got a form video on my second set. Was going a bit below parallel and getting a bit of butt wink. Stopped a tad higher, at parallel, for the next sets. It won’t let me attach the video for some reason :unamused:
  • Bench: 125lbs 5x5
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 120lbs 5x5
  • Tricep rope push down: 65lbs 3x12 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 90lbs 3x15
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 3x10
  • Hanging Leg Raise 13,13,14

Workout 14

  • Squat: 150lbs 5x5 - First 3 sets were grindy but I think then I got warmed up and the last 2 felt good. I do a full stretching and warmup routine but still seems I the first couple working sets still warm me up fully.
  • OHP: 95bs 5x5 - Similar grindy on the first few sets. Last set RPE ~8
  • Deadlift: 155lbs 1x5 - easy
  • Dips: 30lbs 3x8
  • Pull-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 3x9, last 3 reps weren’t quite chest to bar
  • Hanging leg raise: 14,13,13

Workout 15

  • Squat: 155lbs 5x5 - Second set form wasn’t great but I think I learned how to truly brace with my stomach on set 3 for the first time. I believe this is also the most weight/volume I’ve ever squatted. Most recently before this was 155 for 3x4. Years ago I may have squatted more but I can’t remember.
  • Bench: 130lbs 5x5
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 125lbs 5x5
  • Tricep rope push down: 65lbs 3x12 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 95lbs 3x12
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 10,10,11
  • Hanging Leg Raise 14,14,13

Workout 16

  • Squat: 160lbs 5x5 - This was tough but definitely still had some reps in the tank. Had to take a breath after 3rd and 4th rep most sets, rather then just after rep 3.
  • OHP: 100bs 5x5 - Last 2 sets were a challenge but got them up strong.
  • Deadlift: 165lbs 1x5 - still pretty easy
  • Dips: 25lbs 12,12,9. was going for 3x12 but didn’t get there.
  • Chin-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 10,10,7.
  • Hanging leg raise: 3x14

By the time I got to Dips and Chins, I think I was pretty wiped. First 2 sets of both get good but couldn’t finish the last set of each.

Feel great with my Squat, OHP, and Deadlift numbers though.


Workout 17

  • Squat: 165lbs 5x5 - This was tough but doable. Still doing 90 seconds rest. This was definitely the most i’ve ever squatted. The number that sticks in my mind is 165 so I matched that.
  • Bench: 135lbs 5x5
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 130lbs 5x5
  • Tricep rope push down: 70lbsx10 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 95lbs 12,12,13
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 10,10,12
  • Hanging Leg Raise 14,14,15

Workout 18

  • Squat: 170lbs 5x5 - 100% lifetime squat PR. Wow this was tough, last rep was real hard coming out of the hole but finished strong.
  • OHP: 105bs 5,5,5,5…4 - Missed on the last rep of the last set :disappointed_relieved: Gonna have to bring out the micro plates after repeating 105 next time. This is the most i’ve put up for multiple sets in 5ish years.
  • Deadlift: 175lbs 1x5 - the lifts weren’t hard, but controlling the lowering was tough
  • Dips: 25lbs 3x12
  • Pull-ups w/ Chest to Bar: BW 9,9,10
  • Hanging leg raise: 15,14,14

Wow this workout was so challenging. But I hit all the numbers I hoped to except that last rep on OHP. Overall I’m psyched about my lifts today and about to eat a feast. Weighed in at 134 today.

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now 175


Thanks. And exactly. Only PRs from here. Time for the grind.

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Resting heart rate has been high the last 2 weeks and my sleep quality has been suffering. Takes me about 2 hours from going to sleep before my heart rate settles at sleeping baseline (as opposed to within 15 minutes), and my sleeping heart rate has been about 3 BPM higher than it was.

Probably need to take a deload.

Every time I start making progress and workouts get hard, I go into a state of overreaching. Maybe I should drop the extra accessories and stick to the main 3 lifts + abs?

This is so annoying, how can I make progress if I go into overreaching every couple weeks of hard training?

I’m still making progress the last few workouts, but my sleep is shit so I don’t know what to do.

Workout 19

  • Squat: 175lbs 5x5 - Lifetime PR +=1 Upped rest times to 2 minute instead of 1.5 This was tough but with proper focus it felt good. Don’t know if I had more in the tank but maybe. Had to take a breath after rep 3 and 4 on all but second set.
  • Bench: 140lbs 5x5 - still pretty easy
  • Pendlay Barbell Row: 135lbs 5x5 - getting tough, mostly the support rather than the actual row
  • Tricep rope push down: 70lbsx10 superset with facepulls
  • Facepulls: 95lbs 12,12,15
  • Dumbbell curl: 25lbs 3x11
  • Hanging Leg Raise 15,15,14