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Quest For 100kg Bench For 20 Reps

thanks man…im shootin for that 405 bench right now…i got a vid in my profile of 365, im right round 385-390 now. For the squat I dunno if you’ve been followin anythin in the BBB thread, but after supergrowth I’m shootin for 405x15 squat. I’ll b postin some vids a couple weeks man, stay tuned! lol

turn it from a bench to a dip by taking your arse of the bench going onto your shoulders and imitate pushing down this increases your rep range alot;tried and tested.
Then you will have the debate of wheather its a bench or not but that way you will get high reps fast.(just make sure you win the arguement)

Going from a 225 x 4 to a 225 x 20 bench press takes quite some time. Just sayin.

WS4SB may be good because it has one day that focuses on reps while the other on max strength. Benching for reps is something defranco is experienced in improving because he trains football players for their combine tests(college and pro).
I also remember seeing on his site that he has his athletes do a reverse wave leading up to a rep test. ie, instead of doing 5 reps first week, 3 second, one last, he’ll have his athletes do a max single the first week and work up in reps the next week. You’re a ways out from that tho


Like most of the people said above, the higher the max weight on the bench press, the more reps you can do at a sub-max bench press. I saw that in a dvd, it must be true?

Ok lots of different ideas to choose from. Most seem to agree with increasing max to get more reps on 225. From what i see this is just 1 way to do it. This method would be the same if if the goal was “quest to 315 for 1”. From my exp increasing 1RM takes much more time than increasing reps.

However the other method described by ebomb5522 sounds it will work faster based on the sheer volume - the whole idea behind this method was to increase reps on 225 for football - pretty much what iam after.

ebomb5522 wrote:
When my friends and I were trying to get our 225 reps up for football, this is what our benching looked like per week.
Day 1:
Bench Press
Max Reps at 225
20 push-ups
Max Reps at 225
20 push-ups
Max reps at 165
20 push-ups
Max Reps at 165
20 push-ups
Max reps at 135
20 push-ups

Thanks for all the imput guys. If 1 method doesnt work i can always try another. plenty of ideas here so will jus have to put it into action. This is only 1 goal of my goals. With Boxin,BJJ,Conditioning being the main goals…The Bench,deads and the smaller lifts will come in due time.