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Quest For 100kg Bench For 20 Reps


I have just made a bet with a mate on who can get 100kg bench for 20reps. I'm currently doing 4 reps with 100kg. I was wondering whats the best/fastest way to go about training for such a goal. Keep doing 100 and try increase reps? or drop back in weight so i can do 20 reps and work my way up. Any tips? how many times per week?

ps; the bet is $100


I'm not sure if what I'm doing is going to work the way I plan or not, but I'm training alternating rep ranges every REPEATED workout. So the first workout of bench (incline in my case) uses loading for 4x8-12. The next session is 5x4-6.

So once I can do all 48 or 30 reps, I move the weight up and try to get at least 32 or 20 in the next repeated session. I had a lot of success using this with squats a long time ago, so I figured I'd bring the concept back into my training.

Does this make sense?


Yea I can see what you doin can work. You have a lighter day (4x8-12) then a heavier day (5x4-6). Im sure that will work for regular gains. The question is will it enable me to do 20reps with 100. maybe i should try something like that with bit higher reps (4x12-15 or even 20) and keep a heavy day where I try rep 100 for few sets?


Well here's how I see it...

If you can do XXXlbs/kgs on an exercise you can probably do XXX-100 for 20 reps. Those are just round examples, but the point is that you're obviously going to need to be able to be pressing something a lot higher than 100kg. This should be obvious though.

I feel the benefit of doing higher rep training (20 range) is to acclimate you to enduring it. I imagine the training effect would be along the lines of making your muscles more efficient at producing the work with less fuel reserves. I know my horizontal pressing movements fatigue VERY quickly, and very SUDDENLY. I'll be banging out reps 5 and 6 as if I were on reps 1 and 2, but then number 7 is next to impossible. Anyway, so if you can handle 20-rep sets better, you may be able to hit 100kgs without having to increase your absolute strength as much, you know?

Just some thoughts.

(By the way Kevin Levrone mentioned in a recent video something about a 'rule of thumb' in which he says, "The rule of thumb is if you can do 225 lbs x 10, you can bench 315 lbs". FYI 315=142kg and 100kg=220lb)


The easiest/fastest way in my opinion is to just gain a lot of strength on the bench press and you can add in a rep day. Also increasing your BW can help too if your gainin good muscle on the parts that need it most. Stick to basic assistance exercises, don't neglect your lats/upperback work. Triceps, and shoulder strength are very important for raw benching in my experience.

But yeah just gaining 30lbs on your reg. becnh press will definately notch up your 100kg a few reps more. You can also add in a max strength day for your bench and the other day more of a "rep" day where you will work up to a 10rep max on the bench, when you get 10 reps increase weight etc. until you can get 10 reps again..you could also do this with 12. This will build muscle/strength too.

You know though if your only doin 4 reps with 100kg, it'll take you a while before you get to 20 lol it definaetly won't happen overnight..how long is the bet on for?


Try a weight you can get 20 with and then add 2 1/2's on each side every workout/week. Might want to eat alot too...

er 2 1/2 lbs, so about 1 kilo per side per workout/week


Bet is on for end of this year so about 6months, if we dont make it...guy with the most reps takes the cash! Im not really keen on pushing more than 100kg atm just want to increase reps, i kno it would help but i jus dont like being overly sore for boxing. The ideas are good..my plan is gonna look something like this - feel free to critique

Bench 2-3 x 15-20 (guessing this weight will be about 75-80kg - wil try increase each week)
Tricep ext 5 x 5

Bench Will do doubles and triples with 100 - for a target # reps. Then try beat # each week.
Tricep ext 5 x 3

I will post the numbers here starting from monday.


Get stronger in the lower rep range, train for reps at a lower weight (80 kg), train your back hard (heavy rows, db rows, pullups, deads etc.). If you can gain weight, then do it.


Will do, thanks for tips. Im doing deads, rope chins, Wide seated rows, DB rows 1-2 times week. BW im trying to maintain at 75kg for the sake of fitness and MMA.


You won't make it. You just aren't willing to commit to the most sensible approach to this.


Nice teaser.

I know this isn't my thread, but the OP's goals are somewhat similar to mine so let's heat it.


When my friends and I were trying to get our 225 reps up for football, this is what our benching looked like per week.
Day 1:
Bench Press
Max Reps at 225
20 push-ups
Max Reps at 225
20 push-ups
Max reps at 165
20 push-ups
Max Reps at 165
20 push-ups
Max reps at 135
20 push-ups

then other upper exercises for the day

Day 2:
Bottoms Up Bench Press
5 sets
15, 12, 8, 5, 5, 3

Other uppers exercises.

These days were not consecutive.


This post wasnt very helpful.like i said, I want to stay in condition and also work on conditioning. Cant do that if im gain weight jus to get my bench up. I know its easier if i gain weight...but i kno its possible without the gain in BW. As far as if gona make it or not..wil jus have to wait and see..


Thanks for this. Day 1 seems pretty straight foward and effective.
With Day 2 whats bottoms up bench press??


If you wanna get more reps you're gonna have to increase your max. You said you can hit 2 plates for 4, so I'm guessing you can hit 185 for 10+, so it would make sense to get your bench over 3 plates to have a shot at your 20 at 225. You're definitely not gonna get stronger with 225 fuckin' around with 165.


Formula for comparing reps and weights: (Lbs. x reps x .0333 + Lbs + estimated 1RM)

225 x 4 x .0333 + 225 = 254.97.

225 x 20 x .0333 + 225 = 374.85.

375 Lbs. = about 170.45 Kgs.


You need to get your 1RM to about 170 Kgs to rep 100 Kgs 20 times. This is not exact, but is a pretty good estimator.


With the day 2, forget about the bottoms up bench press. I would do heavy work with floor presses, incline barbell, or closegrip, but not flat bench. You will be totally fried from day 1. It is a really brutal workout if you perform it correctly, but also brutally effective. My 225 reps went from around 12 sophomore year in high school to 18-19 junior year (about a 6 month period) doing a program similar to this.


become this guy. Minus 2


someone with sense! thank you whiteflash..this is pretty much what I said to the OP too. He doesn't realize I once wanted to bench 225x20 reps too and got it. You think I got it by fuckin around with lighter weights! not a chance.
Of course OP probably won't take advice from a guy who's done it already...lol


Damn, I was questioning your 405 x 10 squat and 225 x 20 bp claims, but then I saw your photos on your profile. Looking good, man! OP would do well to slip a tiny bit on his 'conditioning' if he really wants to hit this goal quickly; that's all I have to add.