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Quest for 10 x 100kg row


Here I am with 10 x 80kg(176lb)

5 x 85kg (187lb) Ccould have done maybe two reps more, but grip was gone.

Aiming for 10 x 90kg (~200lb), 10 x 95kg (210lb,BW), then 10 x 100kg(220lb)


Nice progress, the range of motion is a little short, ala Kroc, hehe.

Where the hell do you train? Battery clips, plastic wrapped bench, and big windows with people walking by..


Am I the only person who thinks these are useless? How much do you bench, deadlift, and squat?


I don't powerlift in the traditional sense. Though I take part in amateur strongman meets from time to time.

My main lifts are overheads, deadlifts and front squats.


So what do you overhead, deadlift, and front squat? Not trying to call you out, I am just curious.


Front squats - 4 x 130kg (285lb)
Clean(once) and strict log presses - 3 x 85kg (187lb)
Deadstop DOH hook grip deads - 9 x 180kg (396lb)

(on 5-3-1 programme)

29+ yo, 5'11, 205-208lb BW, lifetime drug-free, four years lifting experience.

Here are two vids a friend took of me during a recent contest.

40m x 100kg farmers

20m x 2.3t arm over arm