Quesions for Bill R.

Bill, Why do you recommend a lower protein intake when dieting? While most others recommend increasing protein to at least 1.5gper lb of lbm when dieting. When bulking carbs seem to be more important, thus protein can be lowered.

My guess is because its a waste of protein, if your gonna be in an catabolic state (dieting).

Protein in excess of needs adds unneeded calories to a cutting cycle and a cutting cycle doesn’t require as much protein as a bulking cycle, where you are trying to increase LBM instead of just preserve LBM on the cutting cycle. It takes less protein to preserve current LBM than it does to increase LBM as when on bulking cycle so why add the extra calories of excessive, unneeded protein to a cutting cycle?

I thought that protein is not likely to get stored as BF because of the high amounts of energy needed to digest it. The calories are the same as carbs, but do not inhibit the breakdown of fat like carbs. Increase metabolic rate to a high degree.

Though protein does have a thermal factor due to breakdown required for glucogensis, it is over rated. Excess protein WILL be stored as FAT.