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Quesadilla Recipe

Peanut Butter Quesadilla:


  1. Whole wheat tortilla, small size
  2. Peanut butter (amount is up to you)
  3. Honey (amount is up to you)


  1. Slather PB on tortilla

  2. Drizzle Honey on PB

  3. Fold tortilla in Half

  4. Place folded tortilla in hot frying pan

  5. Fry on both sides until tortilla is crispy

  6. Slice tortilla into strips

  7. Enjoy

It’s fast, it tastes decent, and it’s not terrible for you when you need a snack. I use about a tablespoon of PB and drizzle just a little bit of honey. Kid’s like 'em too.


Sounds terrible. :\ I usually go for a bunch of cold cuts and a few slices of cheese. I try not to eat any meal without substantial protien in it.

ive tried something like this before but no heating was involved. and i think i put some mashed banana in it… it was delicious.

No substantial protien? try adding a glass of milk milk+peanut butter+tortilla= at least 12-16 grams of protein depending how much you use of each ingredient.

I know this might be against some laws of p+c and p+f but again all depends on how much pb is used and which type of milk.

Damnit Napoleon make yourself a damn quesadilla!

I make my PB and honey sandwiches on whole wheat bread, not tortillas. Three slices of bread allows for alot of PB and honey which allows for alot of calories. Oh, yeah, and 32oz of whole milk allows for some more cals too.

I just go out and buy whole wheat tortillas. (mission brand has a shitload of fiber in them). Then buy sargento nacho and taco cheese and just melt that in them, roll it up and eat.

Sometimes I’ll brown two pounds of ground beef with taco seasoning and just keep that in the fridge. You could also throw some of this in with the cheese for a taco, too.

There are plenty of things you can improvise with to make a taco/quesadilla. None of which include PB :wink:

i make pb and honey on bread w/banana and fry it in butter grilled-cheese style mmmmm.

grilled nutella w/pb and banana may be even better though.

i don’t get calling it a “quesadilla” if there isn’t any quesa, but rock on.

[quote]swivel wrote:

grilled nutella w/pb and banana may be even better though. [/quote]

Nutella is nasty shit. take a look at the label.