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Query for my First Cycle


hello brothers....
well lemme start of quickly with my stats
AGE:20yrs 10mths
Lifting EXP:3 years
Height :173
Weight :62 kgs
Bodyfat :Fluctuates between 6 & 8%,right now its 7.4%

well lemme tell you'll why i wanna go for juice,i competed in a university level bodybuilding competition last year & won in 60 kgs,now this year i am looking to compete in state level bodybuilding comp but looking at the competitors it is almost impossible to win without juice because all of em are on juice,so i have to to beat them.

after some pretty good research ive designed my cycle plan,now before thinking that its the same common query of "check my ycle is it ok" pls read my query below,skip my cycle plan if you are bored of it :slight_smile: but pls review my query if you can :).

my plan is simple
week: 1-10 175mg TEST ENT every 3 days so it comes around 350mg/week
week: 1-11.5 Armidex 0.5mg EOD
week: 3-8 HCG 250iu 2X/week (Optional,ill ask about this below)
Finasteride 1mg everday through steroid cycle for hair & DHT control.

My PCT would be
WEEK 12-14 Nolvadex 40mg ED
WEEK 14-16 Nolvadex 20mg ED

okk now my query is that,suppose my competition is in mid of december & i start my cycle in mid september then ill end my juicing by mid november & by the time my pct is over it would be almost around mid december.so i wanted to ask is that will i retain the water & fat during my competition period? how much time does it takes to get of will all the water retention & those fat? & can i do clen 2 weeks cycle to get shredded?
& yes i was thinking of adding DECA for additional bulking WEEK 1-8 deca 100mg just once/week.
so if i add deca then ill definately add HCG for faster recovery but suppose if i dont add deca would it be wise to do HCG on just testosterone cycle too?
& one more thing about HCG is it good to do HCG during cycle or use it in your PCT

ive always had pretty shredded look through the year,ill post some of my pics to get you'll some idea about how i look.






anyone there? pls i just need an answer to clear out my doubt


Most bodybuilders will say that using steroids is much more important for dieting. And less important for bulking IF it was necessary to choose either or.

I think youd be much better off bulking hard naturally while keeping bodyfat gain under control and then starting a 12 week diet with the aid of AAS to get in shape for the show. A test only cycle isnt ideal for this scneario but it can be done. Manage water weight with diet and AI use and the bodyfat will take care of itself if you know how to lose fat through diet and cardio.


hello sir thank for the suggestion.
i couldn't give much time to bulking due to work,but then now im thinking about taking a break from work till competition.
i think i wont be struggling much to loose those fat & water i think armidex will do the job pretty well?
i have a very fast metabolism i never do cardio but still my BF is always around 7% no matter how much junk i eat p.s(my testosterone level was 780ng/dl,maybe this matters to) & thats the reason i find it extremely difficult to bulk up.
so should i add 100mg deac/week into my cycle for additional bulk help?im afraid of deca disk so the dose is low.

& yes im still not very clear how much time does one takes to rip of that extra fat & water from the cycle?
suppose my pct ends today & i have my competition a week ahead so is that enough time to shed down? keeping in mind a mild clenbuterol cycle right after PCT?


Also, 350mg/week is on the low side-especialy long estered AAS. I would think 350mg would be the bare minimum for a short ester or NE AAS. It would help fill out the muscle a little bit but I dont think it would add much more mass than you could do naturaly in that time frame with a good diet.

If bloat/fat gain was the issue, AI use will help this-maybe even stop those issues completely.

About the Deca, 100mg/week wont do much either. Id suggest easily 300mg/week on that if you chose to add it.

Sounds like you really want to hop on the waggon and get the ball rolling but the most important thing is to know how these things workout and run it complete and successfuly. If things go wrong due to poor planning it could screw up your chances of a good place in the comp. It takes much thought and planning.

Good luck with the comp.


Most users that use a clean diet loose the water durring the PCT, and the fat usually comes right off around the same time frame-depends on the indevidual and diet.


i planned for 350mg test by keeping my weight in mind,well then how about 400mg of TEST ENT,i do like the TEST prop idea too but ive heard is TEST ENT was best for gains & also i would like to keep the injections as low as possible
& about DECA is if i do 300mg/week dont you think the TEST:DECA ratio would be high ,basically it should be around 5:1 right sir? & another reason is that as its my first cycle i wanted to keep it low to see how my body reacts.but then if you say so can i go like this now
1-10 week-TEST ENT 400mg/week
1-7 week-DECA 200mg/week
3-8 week-HCG 250iu 2x/week

if im taking deca should i take HCG during cycle or do it in my PCT?


& one very important thing is that,i had high cholesterol level few months back when i checked it was around 250 normal level is 200 & thus i was prescribed atorvastatin tablets by doc to keep my levels normal the reason he said was egg yolks i used to have them around 7 or 8 yolks everyday & also no control on diet,
so would it be wise to take these atorvastatin tablets during the cycle ?


This doesnt make sense. Water retention is a product of high estrogen levels, mostly. Fat gain is a product of an abundance of calories and no signal to your body to turn them into muscle.

It is much easier to lose fat while on a cycle.

Losing water weight for a contest is a lot different than shedding the water accumulated during a cycle with aromatizeable steroids. People entering a contest do not rely on PCT to dry out before a contest.


No idea about the cholesterol meds BUT it is extremely unlikely that the 7-8 egg yolks a day had anything to do with your high cholesterol level.

As for your cycle goes. It would really be a bad idea to do a cycle and then be in PCT a couple weeks/days prior to the competiton. Plan your cycle so it takes you through the competition. Stop the testosterone injections around 10 days before the cycle and keep with the arimidex.

Arimidex will not help with fat loss directly. Keeping your estrogen low will reduce water retention which will make a lean person appear leaner. Additional measures need to be taken to dry out for contest day. Use google and learn how bodybuilders cut water for contest day.

I would not add the deca.

This advice is not what Id recommend for an ideal scenario but for the situation youre in it should be ok.


I agree completely-what I mentioned was water/bloat from the cycle itself. Most users do loose the majority of the water and bloat gained from cycle in the PCT. I did not mention anything about precontest Shedding of water, or cutting for a contest. I should have been more clear. I also mentioned that the fat loss would be up to one's diet.