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Query About Liver Toxity

Hi all,
I am using daily 3 capsules of testosterone umdecanoate so as it is oral type so i am curious about there liver effect,are there any medicines that i can use along to reduce the liver toxity,though i’ve read that they have too little impact on liver but i want to be on the safe side so can i use anything to reduce more liver toxity caused by these.thanks

Milk thistle and B-multivit. Watch your ALT AST and GTT liver enzyme levels. If you are taking any other medications or supplements they could also elevate these levels. Anastrozole is commonly used for TRT but can elevate liver enzyme values. The enzymes are shed by dying cells at a certain rate in normal liver function. Damage is indicated by excessive levels. Your HCP won’t get excited until these numbers are close to 3 times the upper limit range.

If you change your method to injections their will not be such concerns. In any case, if ALT/AST are good and T levels high normal things are basically OK. But watch for low FT [or elevated SHBG] levels as the higher T load seem by the liver could be expected to lead to higher SHBG that would lower FT. And that means more T+SHBG [that is not bio-available]. So TT can remain unaffected but lower FT and DHT can reduce libido and virility benefits. Also make sure that E2 levels are OK as per stickies.

We do not see great outcomes from your protocols.

Please also keep the stickies in mind and please stop creating new threads, everything about you should be in one thread so we have context. This is not a chat room. The topic is you.