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Quercitin Blocking Androgen Receptors




If quercitin blocks or turns off the androgen receptors in the prostrate, wouldn't it also effect androgen receptors in the brain/muscle etc? Bill Roberts any opinion on this?


Thanks for bringing that to attention: I hadn't known of it, and it is interesting.

It can't be concluded that this means that quercetin must downregulate androgen receptors and/or reduce effectiveness of the AR in promoting gene transcription in other tissues, e.g. muscle. But it makes it an interesting question as to whether that might be the case.

While not conclusive towards it not being the case, surely if it is the effect in practice could not be large, else it would have been noticed in practice by now as many supplements contain it. My guess is that it is not the case in practice, but as to whether that is so or not would require experiments on tissues other than cancerous prostate cells.

A number of changes take place in cancer cells and they often respond differently to things than normal cells do.