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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Didn’t anybody watch this new series last night on cable? I figured there would be comments about it all over the forum by now. Five gay guys give a “make over” to a straight guy. They give him lessons in personal grooming, dressing, decorating and cooking. Heck, I even learned a few things, and I’m not embarassed to say so.

Im so tired of reality shows. if your life sucks so bad that you have to look forward to reality shows every night, you have problems.

In general, if I want to look good, cook well, or impress someone with my house, I watch what gay men are doing.

Actually, except for sex, I’m pretty much gay.

I’m suprised how much weirdness there is around here towards gays - ever been to a gay night club? The gay male population looks about 300 times better then the straight one, and obviously hits the gym a hell of a lot more.

It’s not a “reality” show, so much as a “This Old House” makeover, but for men.

As for going to the gym, I go there to see how good I can make myself. I think some people go there just to check out the others, but that’s another thread.

gay men always i.m. me because my profile includes “bodybuilding” as a hobby.

they pop up and say shit like “so. are you buffed?”

i have got to remove that bodybuilding thing.

You guys make me sick. The day I take tips from gay men is the day I give up.

I’m with Goldberg. I want some true, good television programs, not Fox playing “Man vs Animal” and shit like that.

Reality: Real life
Reality TV: some fictionalized shit that makes everyone on the show look like an ass.

Reality shouldn’t be the root word here. More like “When we interview lifelong fuckups and then put them together in a house” or whatever.

The day you give up what? Being a bigot?

I watched it with my wife. It was kinda funny, but for the most part dumb.
Its not as “reality” as some of those stupid ass dating/bachelor/bachelorette/lost on a deserted island shows. But, not to be outdone, Bravo advertised the hell out of “their” reality dating show, Guy meets Guy. WTF? Don’t we have enough dumb dating shows?
I can’t wait for football and hockey to start. At least I can go in another room and turn something on then, but right now all that is on is more reality crap.


You’re gay!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I thought it was a very funny show. I myself am growing weary of all the reality TV shows, but this one had some comedic gems! Very entertaining, and educational!

And whats with the gay bashing? There is no need for it.

This place is homophobia central some days…just ignore it.

I like the Last Comic Standing reality show because it’s pretty fun. The rest of the reality shows are just crap. I never got into that whole Survivor nonsense - I may have watched the first episode and was totally bored.

Sometimes I think our society is not too far away from airing a version of Running Man…

Ha Ha! Nate! That made me laugh!
You homos!!!

It is relatively cheap to put together a reality show, so when one is a hit, the networks make shitloads of money.

For a small cable channel like Bravo, they’re never going to get a Jerry Seinfeld ( a star) to do a show, so reality shows make sense.

I hate reality shows. Almost as much as the people that watch them, thus making them successful.

Reality shows have no basis in reality. My reality television is called ESPN.

I wouldn’t really qualify this as a reality show, though. It’s more of a makeover show. Like Jenny Jones.

Aw, c’mon guys! It’s a big gay joke!

I’m not homophobic! I have no problem with gay people. I even go to gay clubs every once in a while with friends. Hell, most of my friends think I am a gay, even though I’m not! And no, I’m not bisexual either! But sometimes, it’s hard to resist gay jokes. They are just so much fun because some people get so upset by them.

There is nothing wrong with gay people or being gay. Hell! The real definition of gay is “happy!” So what’s wrong with being gay?

“Golly Wally, you sure are acting gay today!”

“I sure am Beav. I had a wonderful evening with a wonderful girl on our date last night.”

Now, c’mon, what’s wrong with being gay?


You kids have no sense of humour. That’s what really turns my stomach. If you knew me at all you’d know I wasn’t being serious.

Some of my best friends are gay. Okay, maybe not. Actually, none are as far as I know.

Having seen you in person Craig perhaps you might consider taking some advice from a few gay men . . .

So are you going to make it for the whole gathering?


bigprljamfan – Have you ever watched Seinfeld? There was a particular episode where the basic topic was gays, and every time they said “gay,” they added “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” It was actually pretty funny. That’s where the whole thing comes from.