Queen Cobra's Training Log


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Sleep 22…45-6.45
Calories 2,224kcal
carbs 227g fat 72g protein 161g
Rest day.

Sleep 22.30-7.00

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

1.lat pulldown 2x8 /two handles 2x12 +4x10x57,5kg
2. single arm dumbbell shoulder press 10-8-8-7x12,5kg each arm +
3.RDL 4x10.57,5kg

4. kettlebell row body paralel to the floor 4x10x(2x16kg) +
5. leg press machine 4x12x60kg +
6. deep push ups on kettlebells 4x10

7. kick stand RDL with kettlebells 4x10x(2x16kg) each leg +
8. triceps push down 4x8-10


More of the Rose Valley of Bulgaria

The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak
The tomb is part of a large royal Thracian in the Valley of the Thracian Rulers near their ancient capital of Seuthopolis in a region where more than a thousand tombs of royalty and members of the Thracian aristocracy can be found.
The monument dates back to the fourth century BC and has been on the UNESCO protected World Heritage Site list since 1979. The paintings in this small tomb are Bulgaria’s best-preserved artistic masterpieces from the Hellenistic period.

The site consists of a narrow corridor leading to a round, domed chamber of the size required for the burial. Both are painted and decorated with murals representing a Thracian couple at a ritual funeral feast.The murals were created in fresco. The walls were painted with a sanguine or dark reddish color.

To preserve the delicate paintings, the tomb is not open to the public, however, a full-size and exact replica was built nearby for public access

The photos taken with my phone are much paler than photos on the Internet or on TV. Sometimes there is frustration because of the difference between photoshop and reality.


Soo… Mark Zuckerberg is NOT absolutely NOT of a Bulgarian origin .
and we don’t invite dead people to the wedding. The other things are good :smile:


Sleep 00.00-9.00
Calories 2,307kcal
carbs 324g fat 69g protein 124g
Rest day.

Sleep 00.00-7.00 O, why…
Calories 2,464kcal
carbs 269g fat 102g protein 128g

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

1. lat pulldown narrow grip 4x10 +
2. seated dumbbell shoulder press 4x8x(2x10kg) +
3. ATG squats on smith machine 4x8-10 +10kg (32kg combined)

4. lunges on spot front leg elevated 4x10x22,5kg each eg +
5. lat push down with long ropes 4x12 +
6. lateral dumbbell raises 4x10-x(2x5kg)

7. leg extensions 4x12 +
8. leg curls 4x8-10x15kg +
9. leg raises on roman chair 4x10

Sleep 22.45-6.45
Calories 2,186kcal
carbs 250g fat 84g protein 130g
Rest day.


Sleep 22.30-6.30

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

1. lat pulldown reverse grip 4x12x25 +
2. bench press shoulder wide grip 4x8x42,5kg +
3. deep RDL 4x12x47,5kg

4. walking lunges (stop at every step) 4x20x18kg +
5. overhead press 4x10x18kg

6. low row 4x10 +
7. bulgarian hip hinge 4x10x(2x10kg) each leg
8. triceps push down 2x12 / triceps overhead press with a plate 2x12x10kg


Exhibitions in the Museum with works of satirists and humorists from Bulgaria and the world, specific Gabrovo folklore humor and carnival tradition, mirror installations, comic act etc.

Exhibition of oil paintings with themes such as humor, circus, carnival, etc.

I look quite thick in these pics :smiley: :smiley:


Sleep 22.30-6.30
Calories3,160 kcal
carbs 395g fat 108g protein 177g

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

1. lat pulldown neutral to reverse grip 4x7x30 +
2. seated dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x10kg) +
3. deep leg press 4x12x60kg

4. good morning 4x10x27,5kg +
5. lateral to overhead dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x5kg)
6. low row 4x10

7. triceps push down 4x10x17,5 +
8. biceps barbell curls 4x10x17,5kg

9. single leg curls 2x8
10. leg extensions 2x10 … and I got distracted and quit.


Sleep 22.30-6.30
Calories 2,534kcal
carbs 297g fat 104g protein 149g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.00-8.00
Calories 2,180kcal
carbs 211g fat 62g protein 120g

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

1. lat pull down 4x12x40kg +
2. incline dumbbell bench press 4x12x(2x15kg) +
3. ATG squats on smith machine 4x10+10kg (32kg combined)

4. lat push down on knees long ropes 12-12-10-8
5. overhead press 4x10x17,5kg
6. kick stand single leg RDL with kettlebells 4x12x(2x16kg) (amazing feeling!!!)

7. triceps push down 4x12 +
8. BW sissy squats knee spread 4x10

Sleep 23.30- 8.00
Calories 1,378kcal Really?? :slight_smile:
carbs 143g fat 45g protein 111g
Rest day


The Russian Church. Temple - monument to Russians who died in the Russo-Turkish war of 1878. Bulgaria has a very controversial history with Russia and the USSR. In the country, half of the streets are named after Russians, and in every city there are various Russian or Soviet monuments. Of course, today there is a lot of opposition to these historical remains.


Sleep 23.00-6.45 I sleepbetter these days.
Calories 2,180kcal
carbs 211g fat 62g protein 120g

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

1. pullups reverse grip alternating knee bent 4x6+
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x9kg) +
3. leg press 4x12x65kg

4. lat pull down wide neutral grip 4x12x21
5. lateral dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x5kg)
6. RDL 4x7x67,5kg It was heavy for this day.

7.leg curls 4x10x15kg +
8. abductor machine 3 sets +
9. leg raises on roman chair 4x10

Sleep 21.45-6.45 I slept so good.
Calories 3,200kcal
carbs 380g fat 116g protein 203g
Rest day

Lately I feel the exercises very well. Especially the unilateral exercises with slow execution. I feel that heavy sets no longer satisfy me and I have completely excluded them from the program.


Sleep 00.00-6.15
Calories 2,518kcal
carbs 298g fat 92g protein 140g

Home workout
super sets
1. kettlebell pendley row 4x15x24kg +
2. push ups 4x10

3. pull ups reverse grip 4x5 +
4. kettlebell SLDL 4x15x24kg

5. single arm shoulder press 4x12x8kg
6. ovebrhead triceps extensions 4x12x8kg

Almost nothing. Just to tone my muscles.

Rose museum, Kazanlak
*The only museum in the world, dedicated to the oil-yielding plant – rose. *
The rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria.
Rose-picking in Bulgaria is conducted during May. It starts early in the morning when the blooming rose flower is poured with dew which preserves the rose oil and is essential for the extraction of the plant oil.
*The Bulgarian rose oil has exceptionally high quality. Even to this day, due to its high quality, the Bulgarian rose oil is still one of the most preferred raw materials by the French perfume producers.

The museum is In the shape of a closed circle like a doughnut

Firts Destilators

Bulgarian Rose Pavilion at some of the International Exhibition 1890’

shares in rose oil trading companies from a century ago


That’s really cool. Thanks for all those pictures in the museum; somewhere I hope to visit someday.

My Kazanlak rose plant grows like crazy. Maybe next year I’ll try to distill some oil.

These are a few flowers from earlier this year.

This is the plant, today. I already trimmed off the right side so I could get through the gate. Left alone, I think it would grow at least 3 meters every direction.


Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve never seen a rose with so many leaves and foliage lol what are you doing to them?
Unfortunately, you will need hundred kilos of flowers for fair amount of oil. But you could do some rose water.
The Bulgarians became so good at distilling rose oil in the past because they used their “rakia” stills. (like a whisky still. Rakia is fruit spirits or fruit brandy (40%)
You can try this approach :slight_smile:


Sleep 22.30-6.45 But I woke up twice for WC…

There will be high calories again this week. I’m on my period again and very hungry. I don’t eat sweets or junk, I just eat more home made food. I’m craving nuts and tahini. But I hold back because they are insanely high in calories and I eat at least 100 grams each.
No matter what, I feel strong, thick and healthy.

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat pulldown narrow grip on knees 4x8x45kg +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x9kg) +
3. reverse lunges on spot 4x16x27,5kg (8 reps each leg)

4. plate loaded upper chest press machine 4x10x(2x15kg) +
5. deep leg press 4x12x60kg +
6. lateral to overhead dumbbell raises 4x8x(2x5kg)

7. low row narrow grip 4x12 +
8. kick stand RDL 4x10x28kg each leg +
9. alternating dumbbell biceps curls 4x10x(2x8kg)

My grossly corrupt director has now been permanently fired. :fire:
He literally went into hiding for several months, avoiding justice, working behind the scenes. He sent complaints to other institutions, begged his influential friends, threatened. Alas, the political situation is no longer on his side. The woman who has been replacing him for the past few months has been reappointed again for another six months. The difference in management is huge. Personally, for me, the attitude is much more relaxed and businesslike. I even miss this previous torture :slight_smile:



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TV. A audience stands up from their seats and start cheering. Most people clap, some people pump their firsts, and some of them are screaming in excitement.

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The poor guy. :smile:
Now there are elections for mayor and municipal councilors in the state and he is running.
Here , this is him

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Sleep 23.30-6.30 Uuuh…
Calories 2,285kcal
carbs. 273g fat 64g protein 166g
Rest day.

Sleep 22.30-7.30 But I woke up many times.
Calories 2,363kcal
carbs 294g fat 95g protein 142g
My hanstrings, my glutes hurted a lot.

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat puldlown revesrse grip 4x10x45kg +
2. incline dumbbell bench press 4x12x(2x15kg) +
3. back squats 4x10z32,5kg (still an awful hip shift, these; s no reason to continiue trying)

4. low row narrow grip 4x8x40kg +
5. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x9kg) +
6.RDL 4x12x47,5kg)

7. leg extensions 4x12 +
8. aductor machine 4 sets +
9. knee tuck 4x12

10. triceps push down 4x10 +
11. barbell biceps curls 4x8x17,5kg


Sleep 23.30-6.30
I slept very restlessly. I was super excited about the trip.

Calories 2,280kcal
carbs 225g fat 88g protein 163g
Rest day.
16 000 :footprints:
Well, I’m on vacation again and I’m on another short tour around Bulgaria.

Sleep 21,30-7.30
But I woke up ten times at least… A terrible wind blew all night. Just horrible. Whistling and banging on the roofs,.
Calories 2,219kcal
carbs 218g fat 78g protein 162g
Rest day.
25 000 :footprints: