Queen Cobra's Training Log

The author of the statue is inspired by a legend about a Bulgarian maiden in the past in the time of ottoman empire (slavery).


Sleep 23.00-6.45. Not bad.
Calories 2,272kcal
carbs 238g fat 84g protein 150g

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets

Tempo 3:1:2:1 but for real.
:fire: :fire: :fire:

1. ATG smith machine squats 8-8-7-7 +10kg (32kg combined) +
2. low row narrow grip 4x8x17,5 +
3. bench press shoulder wide grip 10-10-8-8x37,5kg

4. RDL 10-8-8-8x42,5kg +
5. lat pulldown 4x8x40kg +
6. dumbbell shoulder press 10-10-8-9x(2x8kg)

7. leg curls 4x10x10kg +
8. band assisted BW leg extensions (reverse nordic curls) 4x5

Third set. So exhausting


You aren’t kidding ATG! Wow.

Nice work.

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Sleep 22.45-6.45
Calories 2,257kcal
carbs 233g fat 65g protein 175g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.15-6.45. Uuugh… I went to bed in time but I scrolled in FB more than an hour.

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets
With good tempo

1. pull ups reverse grip knee tuck 4x6 +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x8k) +
3. deep squats with a dumbbell between legs 4x10x33kg

4. lat pulldown two handles 4x10x17,50 +
5. push ups narror grip 4x10 +
6. deep leg press 4x12 +50kg

7. haning knee tuck 4x7 +
8.lateral dumbbell raises 4x12x(2x5kg) +
9. triceps push down 4x10x17,5

My new favorite


Sleep 22.00-6.30
Calories 1,820kcal
carbs 195g fat 65g protein 113g

Gym workout
triple sets/super sets
With g00d tempo

1. lat pull down shoulder wide grip 4x12x21,5+
2. RDL 4x12x47,5kg +
3. incline dumbbell bench press 4x7x(2x17,5kg)

4. low row narrow grip 4x12x17,5 +
5. ATG squats on smith machine 4x8 +10kg (32kg combined) +
6. upright row with a plate 4x12x15kg

7. dumbbell biceps curls 3x10x(2x8kg) +
8. lateral step down heel tap 3x10 each side

Roman history , sloppiness and bad governance


Sleep00.00-7.15 uugh
Calories 2,518kcal
carbs 206g fat 92g protein 143g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.45-7.45.Stupid
Calories 3,011kcal
carbs 311g fat 133g protein 153g
Some pate, some gauda cheese, bread, etc…

Gym workout
triple sets

1.lat pulldown 4x10x25+
2. trap bar deficit DL/RDL 4x10x52kg +
3. single arm kettlebell shoulder press 4x10x10kg each arm

4. lat pulldown narrow grip 4x10x40kg +
5. squat with a dumbbell between legs 4x10x33kg +
6. incleine benc dumbbell flies 4x10x(2x8kg)

7. lateral cable raises 4x10x2,5 each arm +
8. BW sissy squats 4x10 +
9. leg scissors 4 sets




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Sleep 22.00 - 6.45
Calories 2,325kcal
carbs 246g fat 90g protein 138g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. pull ups reverse grip 4x5 +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x8kg) +
3. alternating reverse lunges 4x20x22,5kg (10 reps each leg)

4. low row narrow grip 4x10x35kg +
5. lateral dumbbell raises 4x5x(2x5kg) +
6. dumbbell goblet squats 4x10x20kg

7. alternating dumbbell biceps curls 4x20x(2x8kg)
8. overhead triceps extensions with a plate - 4x8x15kg

It was tough. But I improved - slow down my tempo in every exercise.



Sleep 23.00-6.45
Calories 2,745kcal
carbs 314g fat 100g protein 147g
Rest day.

Sleep 00.00-6.45 I need to go to bed earlier but …
Calories 2,618kcal
carbs 229g fat 119g protein 162g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat pulldown narrow grip on knees 4x10x40kg+
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x10kg) +
3. leg press 4x10x70kg

4. lat pushdown on knees 4x10-12 +
5. uneven push up hand on kettlebell 4x10 (5 reps each side) +
6. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22,5kg)

7. lateral dumbbell raises to overhead 4x8x(2x8kg) +
8. sissy squats 4x8+5kg +
9. hollow body hold + leg scissors 4 sets

I think it’s almost perfect now. What do you think?


Sleep 22.00 - 6.45

But shortly after I was into a deep sleep, my mother called. She cries on the phone that the power went out in her home. We argued about why it was ringing me and not the provider. I was very angry and had a hard time sleeping. Then the whole night I was nervous and had vivid dreams. :frowning:

Calories: 2,948kcal
carbs 283f fat 139f protein 150g

Gym workout
super sets

1. bench press shoulder wide grip leg on the bench 4x10x37,5kg +
2. ATG on smith machine 4x8 +10kg (32kg combined)

3. lat pulldown neutral grip 4x10-12x21,5 +
4. single arm kettlebell shoulder press bottom up 4x10x6kg each arm

5. front leg elevated split stance lunges 4x8x18kg each leg (but all work for the front leg :fire:) +
6. triceps push down 4x10x17,5

7. EZbar biceps curls 4x10x18kg +
8. knee tuck on parallel bars 4x12

My whole body already hurted.


The old town of Karlovo - architectural complex from the 18th century - shcools, churches, bell towers,and some heroes monuments

The birthplace - museum of Vasil Levski, the national hero of Bulgaria, the main organizer of the April Uprising of 1876, which led to the Russian-Ottoman War of Liberation in 1878.


Sleep 22.30-6.30 Fine.
Calories 2,120kcal
carbs 245f fat 82g protein 119g
Rest day.

Sleep22.45-8.00 Finally enough sleep…
Calories 2,252kcal
carbs 267g fat 86g protein 89g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat pulldown 4x10x21,5
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x10kg) +
3. RDL 4x10x57,5kg

4. low row narrow grip 4x12x30kg +
5.lateral dumbbell raises 4x12x(2x5kg) +
6. leg press 4x10x70kg

7. full can exercise 4x10x(2x4kg) +
8. barbell good morning 4x12x18kg +
9. alternating dumbbell bicep cursl 2x8x(2x8kg) / triceps kick back 2x12x(2x4kg)


Sleep 00.30-9.00 I was going out with acquaintances previous night, but I didn’t order anything but half a beer.
Calories 2,323kcal
carbs 236g fat 123g protein 114g
Rest day.

Sleep 22.45-6.45
Calories 2,843kcal
carbs 289g fat 124g protein 155g

Gym workout

1. lunges on spot front leg elevated 4x10x17,5kg each leg (load on the front leg only) +
2. overhead oress 4x17,5kg

3. lat puldlown wide neutral grip 4x10-12 +
4. single leg RDL 2x10x17,5kg 2x8x22,5kg each leg

5. incline dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x15kg) +
6. goblet squats with a plate in front of the body 4x10x15kg

Love this view


Sleep 23.00-7.00
Calories 2,492kcal
carbs 226g fat 116g protein 148g
Rest day.

Pull ups reverse grip 5x5
I should have been working out, but my hips just hurt so bad.


There are no preserved medieval fortresses in Bulgaria. Almost all were destroyed as early as the 15th century, when the country was conquered by the Ottomans. The aristocracy and clergy were slaughtered and no palaces and fortresses were built on our territory for the next 500 years.
These are the remains of a medieval fortress, of which the Orthodox church is best preserved.


and some aerial view <3


Sleep 23.00-7.30
Calories 2,006kcal
carbs 262g fat 67g protein 116g
Rest day.
17500 steps

September 6 is a national holiday in Bulgaria. Union day. And is non-working. So I took 2 days off and took a long weekend and I’m on vacation :slight_smile:

Sleep 23.00-6.30 may be
Calories 2,379kcal
carbs 240g fat 102g protein 132g

Gym workout
triple sets/supersets

1. pull ups reverse grip 4x8 +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x12x(2x8k) +
3. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22.5kg) (there were no straps)

4. incline dumbbell bench press 4x12x(2x15kg) +
5. squats with a dumbbell between legs 4x8x35kg

6. low row 4x12 +
7. triceps push down 4x12

8. leg extensions 4x12 +
9. seated leg curl 4x12

10. lateral dumbell raises 4x12x(2x5kg) +
11. dumbbell biceps curls (alternating) 4x8x(2x8kg)
12. knee tuck on parallel bars 4x12

  • 20 000 steps
    I was here today. Dryanovo. I visited a cave, a monastery and walked around nature a bit. But I will show you my own pics later

Are there any remnants from Ottoman rule? Did they build anything at all, or just rule from afar?

The local architectural tradition was interrupted in this period - most representative buildings of the state (palaces, castles, fortresses) and centers of culture (monastery schools and libraries, churches and others) were destroyed.Some churches survive, rebuilt as mosques
Bulgarian architecture was isolated from Western European development and didn’t pass the style series of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, etc. The architectural monuments of that time are mainly church and residential buildings.
The general economic, political and cultural upsurge in the life of the Bulgarian people come with the Bulgarian Revival (the end of the 18th century until 1877). And also the architecture evolve.

In present days there are preserved mosques, public baths (hammam), inns, prisons and a few private homes from the 18th and 19th centuries. After the liberation in 1878 the Turkish public buildings were rebuilt by the new Bulgarian state.

Now about 10% of the population in Bulgaria are muslims and in almost every big city here there’s a mosque.

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Sleep 23.00-7.30
Calories 2,368kcal
carbs 244g fat 92g protein 142g
Rest day.
20 000 steps

Sleep almost 00.00-6.30 Not great.
Calories 2,007kcal
carbs 302g fat 54g protein 105g
Rest day.
25 000 :footprints:

I’m right here now.