Queen Cobra's Training Log

Sleep 22.30- 6.30 But I woke up couple times, I had to go on business trip and I was nervous.
Calories 2,453kcal
I ate conservatively:) despite the availability of plenty of food. No sweets, no alcohol.
carbs 250g fat 90 g protein 152g
Rest day.
Long walk.

It’s extremele beautiful and expensive Pirin Golf & Country Club…
This is a closed complex with hotels and villas, for rent and for sale. It’s incredibly luxurious for my standard of living. I personally have no chance of vacationing there at my own expense. But the state pays. :tipping_hand_woman:
I will also upload my own photos if you are interested. It is worth seeing. The nature of Bulgaria and the mountains are amazing



Sleep 23.00- 8.00 I woke uo once at 7.00
Calories 2,350 kcal
carbs 267g fat 97g protein 130g
Rest day.
Long walks. My legs hurt because of these hills and golf fields.

Sleep 00-15- 7.00 Not enough.
Calories 2,380 kcal
carbs 215g fat 93g protein 155g
Longer walks.

Gym workout
triple sets

1. pull ups neutral grip 4x8
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x7kg)
3. dumbbell goblet squats 4x10x20kg
4. lat pulldown neutral grip 4x12
5. incline dumbbell bench press 4x10x(2x16kg)
6. dumbbell RDL 4x12x(2x20kg)
7. lat push down standing 4x12
8. lateral to front dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x4kg)
9. leg extensions 4x10


Sleep 23.00- 7.00 I have to wake up early to catch a bus.
Rest day.
More walks. I can’t believe I walked 26000 steps this day . That’s 3 times more than usual


Sleep 22.30- 7.45 Not bad

Gym workout
triple sets

1. pull ups reverse grip hollow body 4x5
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x10kg)
3. RDL 4x12x50kg
4. lat pulldown neutral grip 4x12
5. Triceps push down 4x12
6. Kettlebell squat 4x10x32kg
7. Push ups 4x10
8. Dumbbell biceps curls 4x12x(2x7kg)
9. Cable squats 4x10

I will upload more photos from the PC


Sleep 22.30- 6.30 may be I was awake when the phone rung
Calories 2,450 kcal
carbs 200g fat 110g protein 156g

My legs hurted again.

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat pull down wide neutral grip 4x10-12
2. incline dumbbell bench press no legs 4x10x(2x15kg)
3. reverse lunges on spot 4x20x(2x10kg)
4. low row 4x10
5. overhead press with a plate 4x10x10kg
6. kickstand single leg RDL 4x10x(2x10kg)

Let’s see the luxurious gated complex


Sleep 22.30-6.45
Calories 2,206 kcal
carbs 216g fat 83g protein 143g
Rest day.

Sleep 22.30- 6.30
Calories 2,700 kcal
carbs 252g fat 103g protein 177g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat pull down 4x8x25 + drop set 4x10x17,25
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x8x(2x9kg)
3. RDL 4x10x67,5kg
4. lat push down wide grip on knees 4x10
5. reverse lunges on spot kettlebell in rack position 4x20
6. single arm push on plate loaded upper chest press machine 4x10x17.5kg each arm
7. kettlebell squat to high pull 4x10x16kg

Sleep 22.00-6.30 But no wake ups !
Calories 2,207kcal
carbs 180g fat 100g protein 134g
Rest day.


Sleep 23.00- 7.00 I woke up twice.
Calories 2,900 kcal
carbs 200g fat 176g protein 140g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. pull ups reverse grip 4x8
2. single arm dumbbell shoulder press 4x8x9kg
3. heel elevated dumbbell goblet squats 4x10x22,5kg
4. lat push down with long ropes on knees 4x12-15
5. dumbbell RDL 4x12x(2x22,5kg)
6. triceps push down with long ropes 4x10
7. front leg elevated lunges on spot with plate in rack position 4x20x10



Sleep 23.30- 6.30

Gym workout
triple sets

1. lat pull down 4x10-12
2. russian kettlebell swing 4x25x16kg
3. single arm kettlebell shoulder press 4x10x10kg
4. low row narrow grip 4x10x40kg
5. squats with dumbbell between legs from the floor 4x10x33kg
6. single leg RDL 4x10-12 each leg
7. biceps curls 4x10x(2x7kg)