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Queen Cobra's Training Log

Sleep 23.15- 7.00 Fine
Calories 2280 kcal
Rest day.

Sleep 22.30-7.00 Fine
Calories 2400 kcal

Fitness workout
triple sets

1. bench press 4x8x37,5kg
2. seated low row 4x8x35kg
3. paused dumbbell squats 4x10x32kg
4. one arm shoulder press 4x8-10x8kg each
5. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x20kg)
6. leg extensions 4x8x15kg
7. biceps curls EZ bar 4x8x18kg
8. triceps push down with rope 2x10x20kg 2x8x25kg

Sleep 21.30-6.30
Nice sleep for couple days, but I woke up too early today and had to get up for work so I couldn’t enjoy it enough
Calories - 3076 kcal
I want to sin with some cookies.
Do any of you eat lamb meat? I tried so delicious lamb soup today. Lamb meat is too expensive here (like double or triple of pork meat) and it’s traditional food for Easter and other religious holidays.

Rest day.
My hamstings hurt, my pecs and arms also.

Me me me

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Sleep 23.00-9.00 OMG, OMG, so nice <3
Calories later

Fitness workout
triple sets
1. leg press machine 4x8x80kg
2. incline dumbbell bench press 4x8x(2x15kg)
3. isometric pull ups neutral grip 4x3
4. deadlift 4x8x58kg
5. lateral to overhead dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x3kg)
6. scapula lat pull down 4x8
7. lat pull down 4x8x35kg
8. triceps puh down 4x8x15kg

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Lamb <3 . . . it is expensive meat (too buy a whole leg) but you can get 2 minted lamb shanks in supermarket for £5 . . .
Also lamb is one of the easiest meats to cook, its not like beef where you need to find the perfect cooking time to get it just right!

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7h+ :wink:

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Yep, 6 h in hot pot is good time for lamb meat.

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Sleep- 23.30-7.30 not so good
Calories - 2500 kcal

Fitness workout
triple sets
1. heel elevated goblet squats 4x8x25kg
2. bench press 4x5x42,5kg
3. low row 4x8x35kg
4. leg extensions 4x8x15kg
5. leg curls 4x7x10kg
6. corrective shoulder press 4 sets

Dangit, now I want Shawarma!


You mean Doner kebab? <3

Congrats on the sleep PR.

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Shawarma, Doner Kebab, Gyro… Shaved spitted lamb shank rolled up in a pita wrap, whatever you want to call it, is awesome! I fell in love with it in the 90’s when I was stationed in Bahrain, it was my lunch of choice from the street vendors. I get it whenever I can find it, which isn’t often enough here in the U.S.


I slow roasted a piece of lamb a week ago, first time I ever made it myself, and it was glorious. Underrated meat. Which would be a cool name for my band.


There’s a joke here, but I don’t want to offend any sensitive ears.

Sleep 23.00-7.00 not bad. One toilet break but I fell asleep quickly. Just have to go to bed earlier.
Calories 2554 kcal (normal)
Rest day.

Sleep 23.15-7.00 Same
Calories 2300 kcal (normal)

Fitness workout
triple sets

1. deadlift 4x8x58kg
2. lat pull down with rope 4x12x65kg
3. incline dumbbell bench press 4x8x(2x15kg)
4. double squats with a plate 4x10x15kg
5. one arm dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x7kg each
6. one arm dumbbell bent over row 4x10x17,5kg each
7. good morning 4x10x15kg
8. barbell biceps curls 4x12x15kg

Gyms will be closed in friday AGAIN for a month at least. Fucking morrons. No one has ever get infected because of the trainings …