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Queen Cobra's Training Log

Happy brithday! What’s for dinner?

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Fitness workout
triple sets

1. back squats 4x7x37,5kg
2. lat pull down with rope on crossover machine 4x10x60kg
3. dumbbell overhead press 4x8x(2x10kg)
4. deadlift 4x5x62,5kg
5. low row 4x8x40kg
6. overhead triceps extensions on crossover machine 4x8x20kg

You’ve been lifting lighter weights with super-strict form for several months. How do you feel now compared to when you were lifting heavier?

It’s not super strict, I try to be fine at least. I can say it’s harder than I expected.
I’ve preserved my muscle mass and I think than I gained some more- my back is wider and my glutes looks pretty well. I will keep this way, I use lighter weights but more effective.

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It sounds like the lighter weights and improved form are good for you :+1: How do your strength levels feel during activities outside the gym?

Same way. I have the same energy and strenght. And same muscle soreness, even worse. :).
As my coach says “I’m stronger in different way”. These forms of exercises are just different exercises. They are
aimed at preventing injuries and maximizing the load on the target muscles and not the maximum weight I can move. For those 9 months I managed to escape from the idea that I have to lift heavier weights at all costs (that was the hardest thing) , and I turned to the idea of ​​lifting them more efficiently.

Rest day.

At home
pull ups reverse grip 10x5

I had to workout today, but I had to stay later at work. A job interviews were held throughout the day to hire a new colleague. Of course, as everywhere in the Bulgarian state administration, there was a pre-determined candidate and our boss had committed to him winning the competition. it was as mentally stressful and extremely disgusting and pointless as all of our work.

So today the commission of 5 people - including me as legal advisor- had to remain silent and obey our corrupt chief.

Something meaningful at least


Fitness workout
triple sets

1. back squats 4x8x37,5kg
2. overhead dumbbell press 4x8x(2x10kg)
3. seated calf raises pulsating 4x10x25kg
4. back squats 4x8x37,5kg
5. incline dumbbell bench press 4x8x(2x15kg)
6. leg curl 4x7x7kg
7. triceps push down with rope 4x10x20kg
8. lat pull down with rope on crossover machine 4x10x60kg
9. leg drop 4 sets

Damn, that’s nice deadlift form

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I kind of like muscle soreness, at least for a day :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear your strength level is similar, because I’m considering switching my leg routine for a couple months to very light weights with very strict form.

That’s why I’m considering changing my style of leg training - injury prevention. I had a massive leg injury 18 years ago, and I want to preserve my functionality.

You’re right! I think lifting increasingly heavy weights is psychologically addictive, and being surrounded by like-minded lifters in gyms and these forums reinforces the belief that heavier weights are the single most important factor. I’m glad you were able to break free from that thought process. That’s my dilemma now, in fact.

Thanks for sharing your experience with changing lifting methods.

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First of all, I’m sorry for my poor english.
I started going to the gym in my first year at university in 2007 and I didn’t take a break or rest for more than 3-4 days. I also trained during vacations and business trips and a lot of time at home. Оnly this month I took a break of 4 days for a holiday.
So for this period I never imagined that I would reduce the workload. Til this January , when I 've started the specialized exercises with the coach for correction of posture and imbalances, I trained very hard and very wrong - alas. I loved to benchpress for example and I work with 65-70kg for years.
It was very difficult for me mentally to cut the weights by 50%. Now I regain so kg on the bar, but not more than 5-10 kg. But it works! My body respondes properly.
Тhe secrets are two-first not just a lighter weights but full range of motion- no bulging, no bending, no pulling, always retracted abdomen and neutral pelvis-inner pelvic tilt.
And second - the strict form- and the ankles and feet are most important for my coach, then lumbar back, pelvis and scapula protraction.
So- go ahead! Try this new movements fo couple of months.
One of the best youtube channels is Atlean-X and of course
my coach with his brand new channel:)


Fitness workout
triple sets

1. landmine squats 4x8 +15kg on the bar
2. bench press narrow grip 4x8x37,5kg
3. one arm row on seated row machine 4x10x30kg each
4. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x20kg)
5. lat pull down reverse grip 4x10x40kg
6. overhead dumbbell press 4x10x(2x8kg)
7. biceps curls 4x8x(2x8kg)
8. lateral dumbbell to front raises 4x8x(2x4kg)
9. isometric crunches 4 sets

Nature and other stuff

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Rest day.

Rest day.
Resting and chilling at my mom’s home.

Fitness workout
Triple sets

1. Goblet squats 4x10x20 kg
2. Overhead dumbbell press 4x10x(2x8kg)
3. Lat pull down with rope on crossover machine 4x12x60kg
4. Landmine squat 4x8 +15kg on the bar
5. Incline dumbbell bench press 4x10x(2x16kg)
6. Pull ups reverse grip 4x4
7. Deadlift 4x5x60 kg no straps
8. Low row 4x10x30kg
9. Lateral to front dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x3kg)

My glutes work so well with this new techniques and my butt is growing visibly. :wink:


Rest day.

Fitness workout
triple sets

1. leg press machine 45 degree 4x12x75kg
2. lat pull down reverse grip 4x8x45kg
3. one arm shoulder press 4x10x10kg each
4. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22,5kg)
5. double goblet squat with a plate 4x10x15kg
6. lateral dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x5kg)
7. dumbbell biceps curls 4x10x(2x6kg)
8. lyng dumbbell triceps extensions (french press) 4x6-8x(2x6kg) it’s so hard when it’s strict :slight_smile:
9. hip mobility/leg raises etc. 4 sets.

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Fitness workout
Triple sets

1. bench press 4x10x37,5kg
2.pull ups reverse grip 4x5
3. hyperextensions 4x12
4. seated chest press neutral grip 4x10x37,5kg
5. one arm row on seated row machine 4x10x30kg each
6. landmine squats 4x8-10 +15kg plate
7. cable squats 4x10x60kg on crossover machine
8. seated calf raises double 4x10x20kg
9. lateral to front dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x3kg)

Well. today also.
My coach likes this deadlift even more:

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That’s great. Good job, Greg. I tried these shits (like Cardarin) 2 years ago and I had absolutely no results, except losing money.
I supposed to get leaner but I gained 4-5 kg for that period. Luckily it was active weight, but still because my efforts in the gym.

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All the stories about AAS I’ve read make me think that a good outcome is more the exception than the norm, and I really don’t want to try lol

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It was too good to be true. They are excessively expensive here and in the same time- absolutely fake with added steroids as far as I know in these for muscle gain.
I’m 100% sure that in my Cardarin there was no AS because I did a blood work and my hormone levels were even less than normal, hahahah. So this shit just did nothing!!! :slight_smile:
So if you want certain results go for a AS with proper prescription and diet. That’s my oppinion.

Fitness workout
triple sets

1. deadlift 5x57,5kg 5x62.5kg 5x67,5kg 5x72,5kg
let’s see what my coach will say here, it was stable, but little heavy

2. lat pull down with rope on crossover machine 12x60kg 10x65kg 8x70kg 6x65kg
3. one arm shoulder press 4x8x10kg each
4. double goblet squat (like pulsating) with a plate 4x8x15kg
5. lat pull down neutral grip 4x8x40kg
6. seated chest press machine 4x10x42,5kg
7. one arm dumbbell row 4x8x17,5kg
8. front raises with a EZ bar 4x8x8kg
9. seated calf raises pulsating 4x12x20kg
10. good morning exercise 4x10x17,5kg

Some nice squats … Finaly …

Right. Because all of your squats have been terrible up until now. That’s what everyone is thinking.