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Queen Cobra's Training Log

I don’t know how to make the video visible, not just a hyperlink.
Once a week I perform a goblet squats- this video was 2 week ago when I tried a new weight 35kg dumbbell i sets of 12-12-10 reps. This is the last set, when I’m a little tired.
I’ll try to make it deeper.
Дo I have to keep my body as straight as possible or is it good form?
goblet squat 35 kg

Goblet squats look good! If you look at the videos they look better than your back squat: the bar shifts forward during some reps, you should focus on bracing more, stability. But all in all this all looks very solid!

Insane volume though! I’m all for it but even for a girl that’s a lot. But if you progress, who am I to judge?

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Yep, you’re absolutely right. My back squat is almost awful, I know. I tried to improve it in years, but this isn’t my thing. :frowning:
So I started to do another different exercises with much more much more success and and better results. Romanian deadlift and lunges are great for the hamstrings and glutes. Goblet squats, dumbbell squats, different leg press machines- just great.

Insane volume, may be, but I try to fit i an hour, may be 90 min maximum. I do exercises in triple set 1+2+3 and 4+5+6 an so on. It spends time.
For years I trained 3-4 times a week, but in a workout split- push-pull, for example. From 2018 I do full body workout - in the beginning 2-3 times and now 5 times a week - and I get stronger and physically more durable. I gained 5 kg last year most of this active weight.


So… today a light and enjoyable workout. Kind of like recovery.

  1. smith machine squats 3х10 +30 kg added
  2. leg curls unilateral 3х12х15 kg each leg
  3. crunches 3х20
  4. Cable High Row with Rope. 3х12х80 kg
  5. dumbbells lateral rises 3х12х(2х7,5 kg)
  6. calf rises on seated leg press machine 3х10х120 kg drop set 3х10х90 kg
  7. seated leg press machine unilateral 3х12х45 kg each leg
  8. leg extensions 3х8
  9. overhead front rises with plate 3х10х10 kg
  10. one arm seated row machine 3х12 each arm
  11. rare delts machine 3х12
  12. cable triceps extension unilateral 3х12х7,5 kg each arm

I use a very cheap phone but I still like to take pictures in the gym. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !
Is that by the forum rules?

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So a lady is more buffed than I am :sob:

Seriously though, keep up the good work!


16.08 Rest day.
No muscle soreness, Тhe more I train, the faster I recover. It’s true that women can train more frequently and high volume. I discovered that for myself last year.
Last but not least I eat 2700-2800 kcal per day :smile: :wink:!

Love this pic

Yes they can. When I train high frequency I also have less soreness, but that’s normal since I don’t trash each body part as much


Warm up sets in the brackets

  1. overhead press (20 kg) 3х5х40kh
  2. squats (40 kg) 3х8х60kg
  3. flat bench lying leg raises 3х15
  4. one arm dumbbell row 3х10х30 kg each arm
  5. pec deck machine 3х10
  6. roman chair leg raises 3х15
  7. leg extensions 3х10
  8. seated leg curls 3х10
  9. lateral dumbbell raises + front raises 3х16х(2х6 kg)
  10. lat pulldown close grip 3х10х60 kg
  11. cable triceps extensions 3x15х40 kg
  12. 45 degree hyperextensions 3х20 no added weight

As I said - very cheap phone :frowning:

Rest day, no muscle soreness, no fatuque.


  1. incline dumbbell bench press (12,5kg) 3х8х(2х25kg)
  2. pull ups neutral grip 3х8
  3. hyperextensions for glutes 3х15х15 kg plate in hands
  4. seated leg press machine 3х10х120 kg
  5. calf raises on seated legpress machine 3х10х120 kg drop set 3х10х90 kg
  6. leg curl unilateral 3х8х20 kg each leg
  7. cable high row with rope 3х12х80 kg
  8. dumbbells lateral raises 3х8х(2х10 kg)
  9. legs and hip raises on incline bench 12-10-10
  10. romanian deadlift 3х10х70 kg
  11. leg extensions 3х12
  12. dumbbells lateral + front raises 3х20х(2х5 kg)

Stationary bike 20 min(Heart rate 125-130 easy)

RDL today. I need more proper hip hinge here …
RDL 10x70kg

Rest day.

21.08. 2019

  1. roman chair leg raises 3х15
  2. hyperextensions 3х20
  3. seated calf raises 3х12х40 kg
  4. overhead presses (18 kg) 3х7х38 kg
  5. back squats (38 kg) 3х8х58 kg
  6. weighted crunches 3х12х15 kg plate in hands
  7. one arm seated row machine 3х8x45 kg each arm
  8. Cable Crossover 3х15х(2х15 kg)
  9. triceps push downs 3x12х45 kg
  10. leg press machine 45 degree (100 kg) 3х10х130 kg
  11. leg extensions 3х10х30 kg
  12. lateral dumbbells raises 12х(2х7 kg) 12х(2х8kg) 12х(2х9kg)

Quick and easy. I feel a slight discomfort in the sacrum, probably because of the trap bar deadlift a week ago. I’ve been doing 3 sorts of deadlifts per week for past few months - trap bar, sumo and RDL, so may be I’ve overdone.

I will skip the deadlift this week, only RDL may be

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You look very good!

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  1. pull ups neutral grip 10-8-8
  2. chest press machine neutral grip 3х12
  3. legs and pelvis raises from incline bench 12-10-10
  4. seated leg press machine 3х10х120 kg drop set 3х5х90кг
  5. leg curl unilateral 3х8х20 kg each leg
  6. front raises to overhead 3х10х10 kg plate
  7. lateral dumbbells raises 3х8х(2х10 kg)
  8. one arm dumbbell row 3х10х30 kg
  9. calf raises on seated leg press machine 3х10х120 kg drop set 3х10х90 kg drop set 3х10х60 kg
  10. hyperextension for glutes 15х20 kg 15x25kg 15х25 kg plates in hands
  11. leg extensions 3х8
  12. abductor machine 3х15 all weights

Just perfect.


  1. lat pul down neutral grip 3х12х40 kg
  2. incline dumbbell bench press 3х10х(2х22,5 kg)
  3. crunches 3х20
  4. smith machine lunges 3х10 +40 kg added
  5. leg extensions 3х8
  6. dumbbell lateral + front raises 3х20х(2х5кg)
  7. one arm cable pulldown 3х10х40кг each arm
  8. triceps push down 3x10х45 kg
  9. rare delts machine 3х15
  10. cable biceps curl with rope 15-12-12х20 kg
  11. hip thrusts 3х8х80kg
  12. seated leg press unilateral 3х12х40 kg each leg

Stationary bike 20 min (HR 120 easy)

Fourth workout this week,some muscle fatique but not so bad.
Super bulky this month, but I have no intention to cut calories. I’m on 2700 kcal at least :wink:


Rest day.

Glutes and hamstrings- total damage.
The combinations heavy lunges+RDL and lunges+hip thrusts caused me severe pain in the glutes.


  1. lat pull down reverse grip 3х7х60 kg very hard cable
  2. chest press machine neutral grip 3х10
  3. hyperextensions 3х20
  4. seated leg press machine narrow stance 3х15х90кг
  5. leg curl unilateral 3х12х15 kg each leg
  6. crunch machine 3х10 all weights
  7. cable high row with rope 3х12х80 kg drip set 3х8х60 kg
  8. dumbbell lateral raises 3х12х(2х7,5kg ) drop set 3х8х(2х5 kg)
  9. lying triceps extension with dumbbells 3х10х(2х10 kg)
  10. romanian deadlift 3х12х60 kg
  11. leg extension unilateral 3х10 each leg
  12. calf raises on seated leg press machine 3х10х120 kg drop set 3х10х90 kg drop set 3х10х60

Stationary bike 30 min (HR 130-135 easy)

Intensive muscle pain in glutes. So a light training for recovery today.

This is so called ‘‘cable high row with rope’’, I’m not sure what’s the right name. Help me with this, please :slight_smile:
Cable pull down

Rest day

  1. Weighted crunches 4x10x15kg plate overhead
  2. hyperextensions 4x15x15kg plate in hands
  3. leg and hip raises from incline bench 4x10

Stationary bike 30 min(HR 125 easy)


  1. bench press narrow grip (47,5 kg warm up) 7-6-6х67,5 kg
  2. one arm seated row machine 3х10х40 kg each arm
  3. seated calf raises 3х12х35 kg
  4. open trap bar deadlift (73 kg warm up) 3х6х83 kg
  5. leg extensions 3х10х30kg
  6. pec dec machine 3х12х50 kg
  7. open trap bar deadlift 3х6х83 kg
  8. seated cable row 3х12х50 kg
  9. lateral dumbbell raises 3х12х(2х7 kg)
  10. 45 degree leg press machine (90 kg warm up) 3х12х120 kg added
  11. leg curl 3х10х30 kg
  12. upright row with a plate 3х8х25 kg

My goal is 8x83 kg on the trap bar deadlift but I had no stamina today and prefer more volume.
I train in 2 different gyms so there are some differences in the machines /cables.



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Unexpected rest day.
Severe muscle pain in the traps, hamstrings and glutes, whole back chain because of the deadlifting. I quit this exercise for 10 days and my legs got revenge on me.
This is a video for form check a month ago. The form from 27.08 is the same exept I hitted only 6 reps but in 6 sets.
The bar is one side open and I use the lower handles to activate the hamstrings.

trap bar deadlift


  1. lat pull down neutral grip 3х12х50 kg
  2. chest press machine neutral grip 3х8
  3. **overhead press 3х8х30 kg **
  4. seated legpress machine narrow stance (60kg warm up) 3х12х95 kg
  5. leg extension 3х8
  6. leg and hip raises from bench 3х12
  7. **one arm dumbbell row 3х12х30 kg **
  8. lying triceps dumbbell extension 3х10х(2х10 kg)
  9. lateral + front dumbbell raises 3х12х(2х7,5 kg)
  10. hip trust (60кг) 8х80 kg 8x90 kg 8х90 kg
  11. seated leg press machine unilateral 3х12х40 each leg
  12. calf raises on seated leg press machine 3х12х90 kg drop set 3х12х70 kg

Light muscle soreness and not enough sleep today , but when I grab the bar, everything fall into place :slight_smile:

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  1. pull ups neutral grip 3х8
  2. stand shoulder dumbbell presses neutral grip 3х10х(2х15 kg)
  3. leg and hip raises from decline bench 3х10
  4. lunges on smith machine 3х10 each leg +40 added
  5. leg curl unilateral 3х8х20 kg each leg
  6. crunches 3х20
  7. high row with cable unilateral 3х10х40 kg per arm
  8. front to overhead raises 3х8х10 kg with plate
  9. calf raises on smith machine 3х12 + 60kg added
  10. romanian dumbbell deadlift 3х12х(2х27,5 kg)
  11. leg extensions 3х10
  12. rare delt machine 3х10

It looks too voluminous but actually it takes me 1 hour. It could be about 45 min, but I’m not so motivated :slight_smile:

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