Quebec (montreal) t-nation

Since the Ontario T-nation seems to be taking shape i was wondering if there would be any interest for a Quebec (Montreal) T-nation.

I would be in,cause id be into joining the ontario chapter but living in Montreal it is kinda on the far side.

I’m from Montreal. I’d be game.

bump bump bump…

i think theres more people from mtl and surrounding areas on here

Im from Montreal too. Im in…

BTW guys I’m holding a seminar on April 25th at the Universite de Montreal. I have over 40 inscriptions so far, but if any of you want to attend just contact me. The seminar will be in french though, so keep that in mind.


Where do i sign up for this seminar?


I’m from Saguenay! (deep north haha)
wow i would give anything to get to that seminar!

Just email me at and I’ll give you all the details.

I’ve already sent you a PM.


Combien co?tera le s?minaire, Christian?

I knew we were more than 2 from Montreal on here. Would be cool to get a group together.

yeah, that would be interesting, I understand french and speak it but, would there be any possibility to have a seminar in English as well? Say at maybe Concordia or McGill University? Thanks!

Any luck on setting up a group?

Not really, well we have like 3 people who are into the idea. But to get a descent group and have possibilities of meetings and so on we would need more than 3 members. But im still all for it if we get more people in.