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Que es un Fantasme?


Answer:: An emotion frozen in time.....something left unfinished (if you haven;t watched "Espinazo Del Diablo" try to watch it).

Just looking through the records of some of our customers (from my demonologist days) and watching the videos they put up. Surprisingly 90% of the videos they sent over were blatantly edited (fraud) like this one

and the ones that were mildly suspicious turned out to be fake.

However, I thought it might be interesting to share some of the REAL poltergeist footage that we investigated back in the days.

ALso realize that quite a few members here have had significant experience with the paranormal (nich) and a couple of them have consulted me for dealing with spirit activity in their homes (entheogens for eg.)

Keep an open mind, for I assure you that these are authentic and were investigated




More later. And for the 5-6 who did contact me in this regard, feel free to come out of the woodwork.

Side note: The buds' last "customer" was a 82 year old man who was troubled by the ghost of his fully-grown-up grandchild! Whats the twist? the grandchild was well alive and happy and healthy just 4 years old at the time (a year back) So yes, this was a ghost from the future.


here is a question, how the hell is a ghost supposed to move something?

If it can move it then you can hit it so i would beat it with a stick till it left my house. That's my solution to there problem.




Ah, violence. Is there any problem it can't solve?


not yet.


Es Mas Que Nueve-Mil


Brute force, violence and money have one thing in common. If they don't solve your problems, you simply aren't using enough.


most awesome thing youve ever said.




Thats awesome!


Here's the other video with the most compelling evidence.


Ghosts move things because they believe they can move things. You can;t hit the ghost because you only see its image.

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And in a different mood


So If I really believe I can hit the ghost then can I hit it with a stick?


Why the hell would a ghost 'feel like it can move a cup' to move a cup.

I mean, not to get too existentialist, but why the hell would you just move the damn cup? I mean, yeah, ghosts are creepy, but these videos are really more like the nuisance kind of ghosts that get beat up in ghost primary-school.


Bigfoot, Ghosts, Angels, Boogyman, Leprechauns, Goblins, Monsters = BullShit

Cant believe people think crap like this is real


Why does that one have the most compelling evidence? Because the dog is freaked out?


Yeah i was wondering the same thing. The other one with the ghost entering the room and the frame moving seemed more realistic than this.


Animals are hyper-sensitive to spirits, don't usually lie for the camera and the reaction that you see is very common from a dog that has been completely spooked in an otherwise friendly setting.


Ghosts are not super powerful or something, and I don;t think the average spirit can even move a paper clip at will. The ones that can and do are called poltergiests. They may not be able to move the cup in the same way a second time though.