Quck Massive Eating Question

Hi, I’ve been following JB’s Massive Eating Guidelines, but had a quick question. If I work out at about 9 in the morning and am going to have a meal at about 6:30 or 7:00 a.m., which would happen to be my first meal of the day, should I make that a protein and carb meal or a protein and fat meal? Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.


p+c, it will help restore the glycogen after sleeping etc for the workout…

I think the old protocol called for a P+C meal, however its been a P+F meal which has been shown to increase Testosterone levels pre-workout. Some have called a P+F meal pre-workout almost anabolic.

As for myself, i feel sluggish having a P+C meal before a workout, and have had my strongest efforts with P+F pre-workout. Just my 2 cents.

in massive eating reloaded he has the workout in the evening…and says for the early am workout scenario…

to go ahead with the first meal as sheduled…then have the during and post workout shake and then both P+c meals and then continue with the P+f

so it seams he recomends the first one being p+f

but the glycogen thing makes sense…
we need some more input from him I guess…


Thanks a lot guys. What you said was exactly what I’ve been debating. I was thinking p+c to restore glycogen after sleeping, but then I was thinking p+f since that’s what JB recommended in massive eating, but in the sample diet, he had it for an evening workout.

Tampa-Terry, Phill, anybody else? Thanks.

P+F with an Apple or other low GI fruit

Well I figured I would try a little stab at this question.

I actually have several approaches to this both of which seem to give me the results I am looking for with my individual goal in mind at the time.

To start it all burns down to my goal at the time. cutting/maintaining/bulking.

I train in the am around 2 hrs after my first meal if this helps at all also.

So if I am in a cutting phase in tend to consume a P+F meal befor my workout. Using this as a good time to get in a dose of my fish oils and if I feel I need a carb like energy kick add in some type of coconut fat for the MCT’s which give carb like quick energy from a GOOD saturated fat source. along with some type of meat, and some limited veggies so I am not packed full for the workout.

The reason for this being I find I will burn more fat as fuel during the w/o going this route. I am somewhat depleted from the overnight fast and allready switching to running off of fats for fuel, and the MCT’s will further engage this.

These are usually not my best w/o’s from a PR standpoint or anything but they serve their desired purpose.

During bulking stages like I am in currently I will have a P+C meal. This meal will consist of pretty much the same content as a PWO meal. Your faster acting, starchy carb sources that will give me a good energy boost/srore to get a kick A#$ w/o. Things like rice, sweat potatoes, oatmeal, sprouted breads, pasta, etc. along with usually a small serving of fruit in the form of berries usually. Then top it off with some type of protein usually en egg white omelete with a limited amountn of veggies like onions and peppers for taste and some meat and maybe cheese. Then top that all off with a serving of Grow.

This gives me the carbs and some of the faster acting protein fuels needed to really bust A#$ in the gym and build some size and beat those PR’s.

As well during bulking I have a serving of Surge during my w/o.

O.k. now maint. phases I lean toward the P+C approach 99% of the time, Only I dont go with a during w/o shake. If I feel I am leaning toward needing to cut I may change to the P+F befor hand to hopefully shed a lb or two slowly.

Well that is just my 2 cc and what seems to work best for me. Like everything else you just have to experiment and find what works best for you and your personal goals.

Hope this Helps,


Thanks a ton.

My logic is as follows…

A protein and fat meal would probably be ideal in order to gain the least amount of fat, BUT a morning P+F meal will usually leave me flat for my workout. In order to make the most of my workout I’ll eat a P+C meal.

Not to mention, P+C meals in the morning just seem right.

1/4 cup steel cut oatmeal (or 1/2 cup regular)
1/2 cup fat free oatmeal
1/2 serving LC Grow
cinnamon, and maybe some water for the Grow to mix better

Try that meal out in the morning. It is wicked good. I eat it almost every day and love it every time.

Aaron, tried that this morning, it tasted unbelievable. Thanks.

Im skeptical about your reasoning for the p/f meal prior to your weight training workout. You say you feel like you are burning more fat for fuel since your glycogen is low. Remember, during intense weight training your body is working anaerobicly, the primary fuel source for this type of activity is gylcogen. If you do not have enough stored in you at the time of your intense weight training your body will makes its own via glyconeogenisis, basically breaking down your muscle. Your body can not convert fat to glucose but it can use your muscle for glucose. Your carb intake in the preceeding day will also play a role, as well as where you are on the glucose time curve.


I think it is a personal preference. You are definitely gonna get different responses from different people. As Phill alluded to, you are even gonna get different responses from the same person depending on your goals at the time. You should give both a go for a week or two and compare which method is providing you with your desired results esp. since people will respond differently to various protocols. Good luck w/your goals bro!

F.Y.I. - I recall from old posts that J.B. ate P-F prior to cutting, but I couldn’t say for sure what he does when it comes to bulking.