Quattro Explosive Day

I’m just curiuos, if my goals are strictly for bodybuilding purposes, is this day necessary? I was under the impression that explosive training was mainly useful for power lifters. Since my goals are mainly hypertrophy, doesn’t it make more sense to replace the explosive day with perhaps another hypertrophy-type set/rep scheme?


explosive reps will lead to increases in strength. As a bodybuilder you want to be able to put up heavier weight to force your body to adapt. Also you need variation in your training. And don’t think the high tension needed by your muscles will not force them to grow either. remeber that explosive sets with the proper intensity use type IIB muscle fibers which have the greatest possibility for growth. laters pk

I agree. Being stronger will help you get bigger more than you might think. Remember - strength is foundational to hypertrophy.

The whole point of the QD program is to incorporate as many workouts in a week as possible. Two workouts with similar hypertrophy parameters, along with a maximal and endurance workout is too much stress for most people. Each type of training hits the motor units/fibers differently. That’s why overtraining is minimized.
In other words, when embarking upon 4x/week training, there must be as many different methods as possible to offset overtraining.
And yes, explosive training leads to greater strength, which in turn, can lead to greater hypertrophy.

Chad, what do you know. It’s not like you wrote the damn article! I use a bunch of your ideas (giving full credit of course) all great stuff, good work Waterbury.