Quattro Dynamo

I am starting this today. Has anybody else started?


planning to start it in 2 after my current program + a 5 days rest.

I am wanting to start it in a couple weeks once I get my schedule down. I was talking to Waterbury and he seems very interested in the results, so when you are done you should drop him a line to let him know how it goes. as a matter of fact, let us know too.

This has the makings of one of the best hypertrophy programs of all time. Good luck on embarking upon it, I’m not even close to ready for it. Developed work capacity combined with massive eating seems to be the order of the day. Good luck.

regarding supplements, I live in Canada and I don’t think mag-10 is legal here, i’m ok with tribex but should I find something else to replace mag-10 ? I’m confused about it all.

Yes actually started last thursday,completed third workout yesterday,going for a 15 strool up a hill today :slight_smile: liking the program so far,the 25 rep squat days DAM dont like those suckas,ive been doing low rep squats for about 5 years so u can imagine the sweat pissing out of me,its summer here in aus so high rep squatting in 36 degree temps is not the greatest feeling :stuck_out_tongue: .but im really motivated with the program and will post some results when i have done 3 weeks worth of waterburys program.

I can’t wait to try this program. I have done CW’s NB3,OSC & ABBH and they all produced great results.

As long as you follow everything else in the article (workout, supplements, etc), you can definitely benefit from this program without Mag-10. It’s just that Mag-10 makes everything a little easier. Try it and see.

Took the words right out of my mouth. Even before the first rep I getting meltdown flashbacks.

So used to the idea that anything over 8 is high rep - 25 is just insane.

I started the program today! So far so good.

I just finished the Day 2 workout of my second week. I have sore spots that I didn’t know could be sore. I had to up my carbs some to fit the example in the article. I am also sleeping more than I ever have. ZMA and low carb grow before bed. I am excited to see what kind of results I have after a couple more weeks. I think some of the guys at my gym think I am crazy when they see me squatting two days in a row.

I just started on the 12. The second workout went real fast though, felt real guilty about leaving the gym after about 15-20mins. I’m beginning with 171lbs of LBM. What are everyone’s else’s numbers?

Im on day 3 and i feel as if i just got ran over by a truck lol. Sore as hell, but lovin’ it!

Yes day 2 is a real ass-buster. I just came off of a 5x5 program so those 25 rep squats are killers. I was guilty also and through 1 set of 25 rep dips in but that was it.

Just finished week three and my LBM is now 178lbs with only a increase of 1% bf. Not bad for three weeks, though I might have gained more, I didn’t get as much sleep and food as I could have. Next is the five day rest, I’m not sure if I can willing go a week without working out but will try.

any updates on how good this program was.

Thinking about doing this or westside - to maximise strength whilst gaining mass - any suggestions

as nobody has responded - are we saying this program is not worth while trying out then.

Guys, I really liked it. I am planning to use it again in the fall. I am experimenting with Westside style training to headge up my numbers so I can better benefit from this type of program.

I think westside will get you used to the volume somewhat.

I’d prep with a westside styled workout.

Then move on to quattro dynamo

Then come back to a westside program and probably cycle those two till my dying day :slight_smile: