Quattro Dynamo Training Questions

I’d like to try this workout plan. However I have a few restrictions that would require modifying some of the exercises.

  1. I don’t have access to machines like lat-pulldown, cable row, leg curl, etc.
  2. I do a lot of throwing sports (tennis, baseball) so I don’t do overhead pressing or behind the neck pressing

I’m wondering if I can do the following substitutions:

  • Glute ham raise for leg curls
  • bent bb rows for seated cable rows
  • db tricep extensions for reverse grip tricep press-downs
  • incline db presses for seated behind the neck bb presses

also, I’d like to substitute straight leg weighted situps for hanging leg raises

what are supinated pulldowns? If they are what I think, I don’t have the machine but would use blast straps to do the same motion.

What are your thoughts on these substitions?

How do you figure out your 27 rep max??? (or 18 rep max, etc.)
These are somewhat laughable numbers. wuoldn’t % of 1rm #'s be more useful here to calculate weight to be used?
I have no idea how to figure out high rep maxes. does that mean I have to find the exact weight that I fail at on the 28th rep? right…
anybody have 1RM % equivalents?
what’s the experience of those who’ve done the program?

I did the program and I did some of the same substitutions you did - ie. Leg Curls (instead of GHR) and Bent Rows (instead of seated rows). That is all fine if you do not have access to the equipment. Just go for it. I asked some of the same questions on the forum previously.
27RM is approx 45%-50% of 1RM. There are charts on the web that give you a rough guideline on RM’s (usually up to 10RM). Be conservative on your starting weights, as you want to make consistent progress and avoid overtraining. Hope this helps.

thanks for the feedback. Last night was the first time I ever did 25 rep sets.
My 1RM squat (wide stance) is 365. I used 135 with a narrow stance. Thought I was going to die. Almost sick around rep 19.
I feel fine today. and much less sore than I thought I would be. I’m wondering if the challenge for me in the long rep sets is more endurance/stamina than muscular strength/endurance?
Second set was easier than the first (by a little). and the work wasn’t so much the squat muscles as just keeping going.
We’ll see next week…

The 2x25 squat is definitely a killer. I was sore for a couple of days, even on subsequent endurance days. You may want to consider increasing the weight more than 2.5% for next week. My squat was about 295 and I started with 135. However, I was so wiped out after the second set, I could not complete all 25 leg curls, my quads were just too pumped and sore. Keep it at it. Good Luck.


I am thinking of using 155 next week and 175 on the third week for 25 rep squats.
We’ll see how that goes…