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Quattro Dynamo Questions


Hey guys.

A couple questions about Quattro Dynamo, Waterbury's routine. If anyone can help me out, that'd be really great. Here's the link to the program: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459216

1.) On the "Explosive Training" day, am I supposed to take a 60 second break between each set of each exercise? As in, 3 reps, rest 60 seconds, perform exercise again for 3 reps, rest for 60 seconds, perform exercise final time, rest, move on to next exercise...

2.) This is a 3-week routine. Should this be done several times in a row (as in, 2 or 3 times, one after the other, in the space of a few months) before moving on to another routine? Or just performed once?

Many thanks for the help!




1) Yes

2) I did 3 weeks, took a week off then moved on to Art of Waterbury. Up to you.


Thanks for the help, bro. Good tips.


You may want to research this (read the QD discussion after the article). I haven't done the program but CW usually perfers you do A1, rest 60s, A2, rest 60s, repeat.

From what I read, he wrote it like he normally does when he wants it like I stated.


This is wrong...the dynamic effort lifts are to be done as straight sets


I thought a superset meant not taking a rest between sets of the two exercises. Am I reading this wrong?

Ramo, my bad. It was right there on page one of the discussion (attached quotes).


Wait, what part of what Arioch
said is wrong?

It's 3 reps, rest 60 seconds, 3 reps, rest, etc...right?

Can anyone explain to me the logic behind this, by the way? This seems ridiculously ineffective. 3 reps, no matter the speed, I can't imagine can really build that much muscle.


What I wrote doesn't match what Chad Waterbury wants you to do in the workout. You are supposed to do all the set of A1 with 60s rest before moving on to A2, etc.

Now, as for the weight, CW is really good about his weight limits. Try the program. If you picked the correct weight, it is going to be a struggle and you are going to grow. Of course, you need to be eating correctly, working out correctly and, importantly, resting correctly.

Read through the article discussion to make sure you understand some of your options and get some further insight.


You're not trying to build muscle on explosive day, that's what the maximal strength day and hypertrophy/strength day are for. The explosive day has something to do with teaching your muscles to fire all motor units, or something to that effect. It's not a day for inducing massive hypertrophy; and it's not a heavy day. I'm not the right person to be explaining this, but read the article and comments after if you really need to search for an explanation.

I'd suggest you just give it a try, ask questions later if still needed. Make sure you preform the explosive lifts as fast as possible. I found it to be a nice change of pace.


Thanks for the responses, guys.

But how the heck does it make any sense? Okay, okay, I'll stop asking questions and just do the workout but how can a set of three situps, for example, at any speed, be remotely difficult?


Try holding a plate on your chest and lock your feet onto something. Day 6 calls for 18 rep max, not weightless situps. Use a weight and explode on the situps.


It's not supposed to be difficult at all...three reps with your eighteen rep max is very easy; just make sure you are accelerating the lift as much as possible...read up on WSB training, specifically the DE method. The QD program is very smart. It's a great example of an alternative conjugate plan to the basic WSB template...it will result in plenty of strength gain and hypertrophy if you eat enough.