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Quattro Dynamo or Growth surge

Has anybody done the Quattro Dynamo program? What results have you gotten from it? How much fat did you gain etc…
I am trying to decide between that and the growth surge project so I would like to know everyones results from that as well. Amount of fat and muscle gain, etc…
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Jeep I have done growth surge. I would suggest the program, it was great. The two a days were ass kicking, but doable if using Mag 10.

I got respectable gains from it. 12 lbs 50/50 bf/lbm. I know that doesnt sound great on the bf% part. I just want to say follow the macrobreakdown of the project closely. I screwed up and didnt lower the good fats during the massive eating (phase 2) while upping the carbs. This led to to much fat. But 6 lbs of LBM aint bad for 6 weeks.

I did follow the diet from the program again while on a cycle about a month ago with much better results. Limited the fats and received much the same in LBM gains with very minimal fat. I was doing ABBH though for training this time, and added in two a days to it.

Hope that helps some.

I know a few ppl are doing QUATRO, right now, and one has finished it. I am sure they will chime in. From what I here they are getting great results. I am planning on a go @ it, but want to wait for a time when I have more than enough time to rest.


I am one week from finishing Growth Surge now and it is a good program. I gained 9 lbs and no fat, but I am just coming off a cutting cycle. Haven’t tried the Quatro Dynamo.

I did the Growth Surge in December and added 14 lb lbm and 9 lb fat mass.

It was a great program. I think my only mistake was that I started it at 14 % bf. I won’t try it again until I see 10 % or less.

The two a days will kill you.

I was very pleased with the workouts.

cmon guys, I know there are tons of guys out there that must have tried one of these

I’m on my second week of quattro I’ll let you know when I’m done, so far so good and noticed some nice gains, if you’re not getting that much needed rest though then you’ll get a kick in the ass from that overtrain sum of bitch.

I did the Quattro Dynamo. The 1st week was murder. After that, it was all good. My scale is jacked up, but I gain about 5 lean lbs and think I lowered my bf%. I loved it and just kept going w/o that 5 day break. But I was on m-1-t for the last 2 weeks of it.