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Quattro Dynamo Lunges

Why are Lunges prescribed on the explosive training day? I really dislike lunges and wonder if there is another exercise I can substitute it with.


Not liking lunges is exactly the reason why you should incorporate them into your training. People tend to inherently avoid exercises that they have some trouble with, simply because for that reason. Try them for several weeks and you’ll find that you will good stimulation from this exercise.

Good answer Jimmy.

Lunges are prescribed since they’re a leg exercise that minimizes lower-back involvement. This is necessary since you’re performing Good Mornings 48 hours earlier.

As Jimmy mentioned, you’re better off just doing the lunges. But if you’re hell-bent on avoiding them, they can be replaced with explosive step-ups (you must jump off the training leg at the top). Use a step/box height that flexes your knee joint to 60-70 degrees.

I hate lunges also but did them as a part of this program. They are really not that bad with the lower weight and the explosive action. I really enjoy doing them in this context. Like Jimmy and Chad say do them even if you would not have picked them as an exercise. This is how you will grow. The program is only 3 weeks so you should be able to endure.

Thanks for the responses.

I’m starting the program this coming Saturday. I just finished 2 cycles of ABBH and this cycle of Quattro will be my final bulking cycle before I start some serious strength training and moderate dieting.

Looking forward to starting Quattro! (got a bit bored of ABBH haha… but it was a great program!)