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Quasimoto is returning

Hi all, I have a problem. I have this large hump between my traps, where I place the bar while doing squats. I guess that everyone has a “fatty pocket” there, but mine is big enough to see even when I have a shirt on. It also swells up after heavy squats…Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to alleviate it besides quiting squats? (which I wont do)I am afraid that people are gonna start calling me the Hunchback, then I would have to go T-man on their ass!!

pop it??

Check it is a fatty lump, my dad had a lump just like it due to a prolapsed disc around the lower cervical area which caused swelling, I am not saying that is what it is but you should get things like that checked out

Mongo, do you happen to be female? What you most likely have is what is called a dowengers hump (I think that is the spelling). It is usually caused by bone loss. So check your bone density, and calcium and D intake.

It would not hurt to go to the dic and get it checked out.

I dont think its’ that big a deal - If you look at pic’s of Arnold he had the same thing - and I’ve seen other bbd’s with the same thing - about the size of half a golf ball? Maybe start wearing the pad for the bar when squating.

There is a condition called ‘buffalo hump’. Don’t recall what caused it though.

First go to the doctor. Next buy a “Manta Ray”, works great for me.

I bought the mantaray because i kept getting bruises on my neck from squatting. it is worth it to buy if you are serious about squatting. laters pk