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Quasi-Explosive Training

Just a little background, I workout mostly at home these days. My wife came down to the basement as I had my 90lbs dumbbell locked out above my head in a push press. It kind of made her freak out. I guess she read the Stafon Johnson story a little too close. For my birthday, she bought me a set of resistance bands. They are the kind that you can clip multiple bands on the same handle, which allows the resistance to range from 5lbs per arm to 127lbs per arm.

Anyways, obviously as the band stretches the resistance effectively increases. Thus, I’ve notice a significant boost in my overal explosiveness for all exercises and athletic events (e.g., basketball). I equate it somewhat to having chains attached to the barbell in bench press where the chains start out on the ground. Because the resistance increases the decrease in speed as I approach lock-out is countered by the increased force I have to apply.

I just wondered if anyone else has tried resistance bands in their training. And their favorite moves to perform with them. Obviously, you can’t rely upon them for everything or even most things, but I have found them beneficial to my training.

No one has used them?

They have. There are a lot of articles that talk about using bands with exercises. Just use the search function.

Yeah they’re cool.

Westside-barbell uses them a lot, and theres an article by CT “superman sets” I think that is pretty much exclusively resistance bands.