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QuarterBack Workout

Hi,I was wondering what kind of workouts should a quarterback do.This year I wasn’t good enough, so I was told cause I’am asian. So I’am plan to rebuild from the bottom up and shut the people up.

clean and jerks, military presses, lunges, squats, t-bar rows and bench 2x your weight like it ain’t nothin!!!

Contact Coach Davies immediately. As in before you even finish reading this thread. He will help you take yourself from “not good enough” to something you might not have even considered possible.

Just type “davies” or “renegade” into the T-mag search engine (at T-mag, not the one here on the forum) and start reading.

{yoda voice} Anger, hate, revenge … sigh. These tools will make you stonger, but beware …

{shoved aside by Renegades} Join us! Use your emotions to fuel your power!

Coach DAvies will be of great assistance in helping you. His programs are very comprehensive and second to none as far as quality goes. I have adapted a great deal of coaches methods with my athletes and the results are excellent.

Coach Hale

good luck man, I’ve never seen an asian QB before. as a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an asian football player before :slight_smile: you can anything if you want it bad enough though. just start renegade training and follow coach davie’s advice like the others have said. also make sure your diet is on target for your goals. once again, good luck. don’t let what the others say bring you down.

Don’t let your race deter you. Look at Dat Nguyen, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. He played high school football in my district down in south Texas and his secret of success was training hard and eating more than everybody else. People doubted him in high school, doubted him in college, and then doubted him in the NFL but he still became a starting middle linebacker.

find a good Qb coach who can teach you the mechanices of throwing a football. Learn and practice the skills until they become second nature. Renegade training will be a great asset, but will do nothing for you if you don’t perfect the SKILLS of a QB.