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Quarter Squat Gains

After watching my friend barely quarter squat 3 biscuits with knee wraps was tempted to sic quartersquatgang on his bitch ass but thought better of it and chatted in between sets about it instead.

Going on a tangent here but I love quartersquatgang on insta. Have been following them since before they went private. Brings a smile to my face every time some unfortunate soul is reposted and then gets mass flamed leaving nothing but a charred husk of a deleted account. Reminds me of the movie The Dictator.

His Execllency, The Supreme Leader of all Wadiyans, Admiral General Hafez Aladeen, “The flames of the righteous attack the unjust.” lel

Anyways I’m usually not one to flame/roast someone without at least being partially constructive/helpful. A more measured approach, discussing the pros and cons of partial range of motion, is my weapon of choice. People much smarter and more experienced than I have already done all the groundwork and most of the thinking so I just paraphrase:

With Dr. Israetel’s guidance I was able to save my friend from the fiery but not very deep depths of damnation that is quarter squatting.

Much of what I write above is in jest tho given that partial ROM is often appropriate for athletic populations where joint angle specificity means quarter squat variations are highly effective.

Do you use partial ROM in your training? How/Why?

What’s the best (worst) example of partial ROM you’ve seen with your own eyes?

I think quarter and half squats can be greatly beneficial…but I wouldn’t post my PRs on Instagram.

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I prefer to judge squat depth of my own randomly selected sport rather than powerlifting standards.

It’s called awesome lifting and your ass has to touch the ground. Basically everyone is a filthy half squatter who deserves to be mocked as far as I’m concerned.

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That’s fuckin gangsta! Haha

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Saying depth above ego is dumb. It’s an ego thing to squat your behind to the floor if it’s not requisite to your sport or beneficial to your training.

Basically a manifestation of self righteous intrinsic ego rather than extrinsic showboating ego.


But …but isn’t Squatting ATG just extended range of motion training for everything else because there’s no deeper squat and beneficial (not optimal but still beneficial) to everything because of this.

Would deadlifting from a 2 foot deficit accomplish a similar goal?

Just playing devil’s advocate here so dun bite my head off.

Not optimally due to safety concerns re mobility + spinal loading/forces and joint angle specificity. Poor comparison between 2 feet deficit DL to ATG squatting by the former and latter factors.

Is called Extended Range of Motion not Ridiculously Exaggerated Unrealistic Range of Motion to Try to Demonstrate a Point.

Does EROM (Not REUROMTDP) training confer benefits to performance?

Geez, I hope you guys aren’t saying you dont do all your pulls from your toes. How do you even manage day to day tasks without pulling from the most functional position?

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If I’m stronger at the top of my squat than I am at the bottom, and I only use weights that I can handle at the bottom, the top is not fully stimulated.

I can’t recruit more motor units, by recruiting less motor units.

Paul Anderson used partials. Kaz used partials. Here’s Brian Shaw overloading the top.

Okay, 2 inch deficit vs. 14-18 inch pulling height?

Here’s your answer as to whether or not they’re beneficial.

During my freshman year of college I “beefed up” to 240+ lbs and managed to jump the highest I ever had when playing basketball. This meant easy 2 handed 360s and double pump reverse dunks.

Our leg workouts for baseball consisted of 1/4 squats, leg press, leg extensions, and leg curls. The bulk of the work was on the leg press. The strength coach loved workouts like this:

3 deep full ROM reps,
20 top half
3 deep full ROM
20 top half
3 deep full ROM

That’s one set and we’d do three.

My point is that we didn’t do any full squats but my vertical (explosiveness) was at an all time high.

On the flip side I used the following program to regain that vertical four years later, but I was also 10-15 lbs lighter.

Push day: Squats, split squats, squat and press
Pull day: clean pulls, hang clean pulls, RDLs

All done for 5x5 twice a week. On day two the weights were dropped by 20%.

From my experience the leg press has been the best tool to increase (actually rediscover) my vertical.

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During my college baseball workouts the coach had guys with lower back problems doing sets of 20 on 3 hole squats. That meant the safety bars were set 3 holes below the rack position and that was your depth. 405 x 20 is not good for bulged disc’s. The ROM was so short that the reps would be fast and the bar began to flex up and down during the set—adding to the compression forces.

Big thing is pros vs cons. If an athlete can’t stay healthy squatting to depth, not beneficial.
In a perfect world, do both/everything. Only weightlifting and powerlifitng have below parallel squats on the back or in the front rack. Everything else is GPP for the sport.

I am definitely a supporter of below parallel squatting; makes my knees feel better, helps me maintain some mobility, and makes moving through shorter ranges of motion feel much more manageable.

I just don’t like the idea of black and white ideals with training.


My long legs make me like the fact that less than parallel squats are beneficial for athletes! I wear a 36" inseam for my pants. I hate squats because I can’t move heavy weights. I do a lot of work with each rep but that’s not sexy or worth bragging about.

I wear a 34" and I’m a few inches shorter than you are. It doesn’t have to hold you back, bossman😉

It does. At least I think it does. Sounds like you’re two-thirds legs just like me!

I can do 4 plates per side for reps of single-leg leg press. Does that count for anything?

I have a weird short torso and long limbs. Helps a bit with deadlifting but not much else.

Nothing counts for anything. It’s all perspective. Just find what makes you feel good and allows progression.

Nobody cares what you squat. The thing that gets to me is you always blaming/complaining about your height holding you back😁

You can always work to get stronger. No matter how much I train, eat, stretch, or dislocate my limbs, I’ll never get to 6’5"

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