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Quarantine workouts

Hi everyone
Greetings from india
Hope that everyone is safe

So there is a “curfew” here. No one allowed outside, except for essential services like food and medicine

Today’s question is how to workout by making the most of the limited equipment available

So this is what I have
. Pull up bar
. 7 feet barbell (thin ends)
. Pair of screwable dumbbell handles
. 8 x 10 kg plates
. 4 x 5 kg plates
. 4 x 2.5 kg plates
. 2 resistance bands

Currently doing “bodyweight workout for big guys” by mr. Lee Boyce. It’s very good

What can I use out of normal household stuff to make a temporary squat rack maybe to hold upto 60-100 kilos?

Thank you guys, and stay safe.

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