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Quarantine Workout and Sobriety

So my buddy just got his new home gym equipment, haven’t got in a workout in weeks. Wednesday also marks 1 year of being sober from alcohol and drugs, so that’s good i guess.
So with limited equipment we hit a partner workout, resting only when the other is doing a set.
DB Incline Bench: 5 sets
Landmine press: 2 sets
PBN: 3 sets
Plate lateral raises: 10 pound plates 100 reps in 5 minutes or less

Feeling really good, my buddy will be ordering some heavier dumbbells soon so that’ll probably make for some horrifying workouts :smile:

Hope you all are doing well during this pandemic, i’m trying to use the extra time to take up hiking, feels so good for the body and soul. These tall mountains really give you perspective, so to speak.