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Quarantine Squat Challenge: 405 x Max Reps

It doesn’t work as good on locked doors as you’d think. I knew I should have taken Tae Kwon Do!

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I was thinking more for when security shows up.

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They’re non-essential, I think. I guess I really don’t have any excuses left, do I?

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I dont have that much weight. But I was starting 6 weeks of 20 rep squats today. I started at 300lb. Or 136kg for those living out side of the states. A full 105lb or 45kg below the challenge weight.

See a (very poor) video. Excuse it keep going fuzzy and the wife shouting at the kids. The joys of home gyms…


Got 8x410 today

No excuses: just gonna do better next week.


I’m not at that level yet. Soon tho.

Not with that attitude you won’t. Believe

Got 12 reps this week. Much happier with that


I realize it’s a "what have you done lately’ world. At 57 I don’t do these types of challenges any longer. This is from 11 years ago. I was 46 at the time; certainly 6-8 years past my prime.
410x3 - 410x15 - 320x20


My best 5+ years ago when I was heavier was 405 for 8 in the Velcro inzer sleeves. I did do a 3x3 yesterday with 394 yesterday without too much trouble, so I’m probably close to where I was.

After my mock meet on the 31st I might have to give it a go.