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Quarantine Squat Challenge: 405 x Max Reps

A bunch of powerlifters, weightlifters, fitness youtubers, etc have been running a challenge to see who can squat 405lbs for the most reps.

Mike Tuchscherer still has it:

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A buddy of mine submitted 405x24. Not sure why it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Unless he took the video but might be trying to beat it before the due date.

Considering Kevin Oak did 505 for 20 a few days ago, Chris Craft redid it and got 22 naked knee beltless, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head, I have zero clue who is in the lead or what any of this was actually for haha

Mike T. tied the leaders (Rich Davidson, Chris Craft and William Brown) . Obviously 500 for 20 is much more impressive but the challenge is 405 for max reps.

The late Jesse Marunde did 407 for 20. I wonder what the all-time ‘record’ is for this?

A guy named Blenderate on YouTube did 20 after a set of 500 for 11 and I remember some Irish guy did 400 for 42 years back (might have been fake, but I’ve never seen or heard otherwise. Granted I can’t remember the guy’s name). Some guys are just built different.

EDIT: Guy’s name is Lock Gannon. Nothing suggests this weight is fake, the guy is just an animal.

Mark Phillipi did 600 dor 19, does that count?

Had to Google that - video there, what a beast.


Well - honestly I’m in awe.

I saw a video if Chad Wesley smith squatting 495 for 22 I believe. Brutal.

That was incredible

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That’s the one!

How much does this guy squat for a max like 600kg? I don’t think I’ve seen any sets close to that.

435kg in wraps a few years ago!

Nah the other guy.

So like…is anyone going to do the challenge, or are we all just going to post videos of other people doing it?

Today is my squat day. 410 is my workset weight. If my hamstring plays nice, I will go for max reps and post it. Last week I could only do singles, so I did 25 of them.

I have zero intentions on hitting depth.

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No squat rack at the moment for me, and I cannot currently clean 405 and get it overhead and back down to my shoulders to do squats. Stupid quarantine. Plus, I have to find 2 more plates to be able to load 405 at home. So, I’m out.


It would need to involve a little breaking and entering for me at least for the near future.

Keeping the thread on-topic, my old lifting partner busted out a set of 16 or 17 with 405 once. He was a squatting machine. It has been a few years, but I hope to do more lifting with him after this pandemic.

Why train Jiu-jitsu if you are just going to deny yourself the chance to use it?