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Quarantine Hair?

Just curious, how many people have tried cutting their own hair at this point?

Several of my close friends as well as one of my brothers have given up and completely shaved their heads. I’ve been wearing a baseball hat for the last almost 3 months now, without which, my son tells me my hair looks like “ Bob from Puppy Dog Pals” -lol


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I shaved mine about 4 weeks ago (twas something I was planning on doing any way since I’m balding)…totally glad I did it, I look sexy as fuck!

Mrs cuts mine. Does a great job.

I’m three months into a mullet.


I have been growing mine since July 2018. Lots of comments during the awkward first 8 months. Now most of my friends are going through an awkward stage. Now is my time.

I’m taking this opportunity to grow out my facial and head hair. I need to look professional at work, so could never get through that 3 month awkward period. But now working from home, I look like I belong in the Eagles circa 1976. Shaggy hair and sweet, full mustache. Pretty happy with the look.

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2 pounds lighter after first professional haircut today in 8 weeks. Will shave beard this weekend.
I’m going to miss the beard. Wife won’t.

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There a show from the States (probably 1970s or 80s) that was on in re-runs in Israel called “Welcome Back Cotter” About a guy from a rough neighborhood who moved back to be a teacher? One student was Arnold Horshack.

I now have his hair, plus side locks.

Alternatively, that late 70s or early 80s Doctor Who.


My son gives me a No 1 clipper every few weeks, does a good neat job so I may keep it up. Saves me a tenner at the barbers every four weeks.

Hahaha, oh that’s awesome.Awnowd Hoooisshack!

That was my favorite show when I was little. I actually thought a bunch of my dad’s friends were on it.

I’m currently sporting an unkempt American Psycho era/style mullet.

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I tell people my internet cannot support video on conference calls. In reality I’m a mess. Haircut on June 4th, thank God for Phase I reopen.

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Got mine cut yesterday! I was two days away from being a Karen.


Did a Mohawk myself. Just used painters tape to line it up. 000 on the sides.

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My hair seems to just grow on top…

It only combs straight back, and I’ve dubbed it Televangelist Hair.

Eight weeks and one day as of today.

My gf did mine. Limited equipment and training so I was super nervous but didn’t turn out half bad. Used this vid:

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Just a bit more curl and you’d have a proper Jewfro.

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Why any bloke would do anything besides this is beyond me. Seen a lot of pictures of people who tried to give themselves fades with predictable results.

Fortunately I got a pre-wedding haircut on 20 March so I’m not quite in dire straits yet. I do have clippers should the need arise. Given I’ve a beard, going skinhead would probably suit any future strongman training.

So I’ve actually been cutting my own hair since 2001–but I’ve been letting the hair and beard grow out since February out of solidarity and also out of extreme laziness but mostly the second thing.

As long as you get the prerequisite tats. There has to ba at least one skull and some flames somewhere. A druid sacrifice scene across your back works as well.

I’d just like to add, seeing as the time is fortuitous, that all young men 25 and younger, should shave their heads so they realise hair isn’t that important

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