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Quarantine Cut 245lb to 195lb

This is my 12 week cut. Calories were set at 1700, and I lost between 1.5-2lb per week. This was during quarantine when all the gyms were closed. I did body weight pushups, pull ups, squats, and jogged a couple times per week during this cut. I’ve been working out consistency for 14 years. The 245lb weight is the result of my yearly bulk when I primarily focus on powerlifting, and then cut down during the spring/summer and focus on bodybuilding. I plan on staying at 220lb and not bulking this year. My goal is to further lean out and get down to 195-205lb next cut. For now I have increased my calories to 2000 and I’ll stay there.

Thanks for the input

Age: 30
Height: 5’10”


This is IMO a good plan.

Looking good! You are way ahead of me! Have you lost much power in the cut phase?

Thanks you. It jus takes time and consistency. Yes, I lost a lot of strength, but it’s mainly due to not being able to workout in a gym due to quarantine. I’ve been in the gym for 2 months now and everything has come back for the most part. Squats and deadlifts still need some more work and time. Losing strength usually comes with cutting weight, but once you get back to maintenance calories most of it will
Come back.

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So I stuck to what I said and I didn’t let myself get past 225lb, starting another 20week cut. The goal this time is 200-205lb

Well you DO like to flex. All jokes aside you carry it well. It’s the whole shoulder to waist ratio that’s making you look bad. You have a lot of good muscle under there and 205 seems like a good goal.

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Thank you, yeah definitely need to trim down. I’ll update after 10 weeks and then at 20 weeks. Slow and steady!

Great work in here, dude.

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