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Quantum Jujitsu, Jeremy Corbell


I know it's 2 yrs old, but I didn't find anything in the search engine about it. Looks pretty fun to do and it reminds me of the Machado brothers in a movie. Now would this stuff work in a fight? Maybe if the person you are fighting pauses when he strikes so you can throw a move at him.


looks like it would be fine for a movie but I cannot see much of that even possibly being effective in real life. Look at 1:02 when he flips him over, next time your in and jj class try to do that to someone when rolling, it doesn't happen.

And if you jump on my back then put a foot on my thigh and try to flip me frontwards, my leg would either collapse if your a big guy, sending you face first into pavement or the pads, or ill pull my back straight hard enough to send you on top.


That's why it looks fun but hardly effective in MMA now. If you look at the counters to strikes, the person throws a punch and pauses and then Corbell does his move.

I do remember an old MMA fight back in 94 or 95 when some Japanese fighter would do some of these moves. I forgot who it was, but he jumped on the guy for an armbar then literally slid down the guys body to put him in a leglock.