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Quality yogurt w/o all the sugar

Does anyone out there know of any yogurts that are low in sugar? I am looking to add some quality carbs and protein without the high levels of sugar. Any suggestions???

Crowley’s makes a great yogert that is low in sugar. I don;t know where you are, but, Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill sells the stuff here in PA. You might want to check some of your larger grocery stores.

Just get plain yogurt. Add your own flavoring, that’s where the sugar is.

If you can stomach the plain stuff, there are a lot of good choices with about 12-15 g Pro, 13-18 g of Carbs and 1-10 f Fat. Almost any grocery store will have a natural or an organic version which will be your best bet.

What I do is get plain yogurt & add frozen blueberries or strawberries. If that’s not sweet enough you can add splenda. They also make yogurts with aspertame.

Buy plain low-fat Stoneyfield Farms yogurt and mix in Low-Carb GROW!. This is one of my favorite meals!

Agree with Brian. LC Grow in yogurt is amazing. I’m totally addicted to it!

Crowley’s is a good choice. I’m in Northern Virginia though and haven’t been able to find it around here yet though (I’ll keep looking). I have also found that some of the plain yogurts are lower in sugar but not low enough. Anything at or below 10 grams per serving is decent (in my humble opinion). Are the plain yogurts low in fat as well???

Just thought I’d mention that if you want the alleged “health benefits” of yogurt, you want to eat a brand that has the active “Bifidus” cultures. Not all brands do, in fact I think most brands do not have Bifidus, including Dannon. Stonyfield Farm does have Bifidus cultures. Sorry if that is already common knowledge.

Be aware that the sugar content listed on yogurt also includes milk sugar (galactose), so even if you get the most basic, plain yogurt available it will still have a good amount listed. Galactose, however, has different characteristics than all of the other sugars, so read up on it to be sure that it is in accordance with your goals.