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Quality Vitamin Products


I buy Biotest products because I understand their desire for the utmost quality of the products they release. However, Biotest only sells certain things, and they are definitely lacking in the Vitamin department.

My question is what companies do people buy their vitamins from?

Particularly I'm looking to buy VitD VitC

but any and all companies would be interesting to learn about


Optimum nutrition Opti-men. Just to back up my stellar eating habits ! Solid quality at a very reasonable price.

Hope this does not get flamed by the T-Nation staff... ?


Thanks for the advice.

It already got moved once, I don't see why they would have a problem with it. If they have a problem they could always make their own vitamins. Id be first in line to buy them!


I use Double-X from Nutrilite. That shit is just fantastic.


I can't speak to the quality of their individual vitamin products, but I've always liked the "mega-man" multi that GNC sells. While most GNC label products are somewhat laughable, I think this is a quality product and I know many that use it. They have also upped the vitamin D in this multi to make it slightly more reasonable (still should most likely supplement individually though)


As far as Vit D, I go Natural Factors.

I think it'd be interesting to see a doctor and get vitamin D levels checked. I've been taking 5000 IU's a day, wondering if it's enough


Do you guys use the regular Mega Men or the Mega Men Sport?


I'm not a big fan of "MVMs" (multi vitamin mineral products).

Vitamins: Get your C with Citrus bioflavinoids. Most "sustained release" vitamin C have bioflavinoids (quercetin and others.). Nutrients are supposed to work together.

Besides Vit D, K2 is another important fat soluble "vitamin" which most people are deficient in. I would consider it the "Next Vitamin D" It's very rare to get this via food. Commercial butter does not have it. Grass fed (Kerrygold) butter does. I feel you should try to get as much sun exposure as possible, as it has more benefits than just Vit D, and also consider that even D3 is not natural vitamin D. Real Vit D is in Cod Liver oil.

Speaking of which, also consider that some people are terrible at converting beta-carotene to actual vitamin A. About 50% of all people cannot convert much if any! This is shocking, but true. So, perhaps consider eating liver once a week (fat soluble vitamins don't have to be taken daily) or get a retinol vitamin A supplement (you'll notice most are made from cod liver oil, even though not expressly stated on the front). For about $1.50 per month(!), this can have a PROFOUND impact on health for some people who didn't know they were deficient.

Few other vitamins are needed.

Minerals: Magnesium (chelated) is also something most people are deficient in, especially athletes (lost through sweat). Elitepro has a good amount of it, as well as zinc, and numerous others. It's a solid product.


I find Now foods to be a quality brand, get d3, neptune krill oil(fantastic stuff) and selenium from them.


Prosource brand vitamins are high quality and fairly priced.


I take Mega Men Sport and Neptune krill oil. If my immune system seems down I'll take whatever brand of vitamin C.


I use Mega Man Sport for the BCAA and muscle-building "extras" it contains.


I mainly use Biotests Superfood but also supplement with Irwin Naturals Mens Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi soft gels.
Price is fair also.