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quality time with a T-vixen up for grabs

Now that I’ve got your attention…

I’ve been dying to do some of the compound lifts like snatches/cleans etc…but cannot for the life of me figure out exactly how to do them. Is there anybody in the Nova/DC/MD area who would possibly have the time and knowledge to help me out on this?


Damn, I wish I knew the oly lifts!

Could I take you out to dinner instead? :D)

I will be more than happy to spot you while you do squats.

lol. Elven - you should take both of their offers. :wink:

Alas, I cannot do oly lifts!!! I don’t know how! sigh

Sounds like an excuse to meet men.
Ha Ha, kidding!

This is just another reminder that I live in the wrong city/state/country. T-cells everywhere but here, now vixens wanting some help… damn ocean always gets in the way!

twinkles Notice I specifically did not say “Is there any man in the Nova area”…I said anyone, because there are plenty of women out there who are good at it too!!

El, for the time being you can look at CoolColJ’s posts in the Ice dog forum. He has some streaming video of himself doing powercleans/jerks that have helped me out…


I can teach you the Olympics, but I don’t live in that area.


Elf, I hope you’re not turning down my offer!

Here’s a link with some decent videos. I hear Chris Thibaudeau’s new book has some good training techniques for learning the lifts.


Is that the time that’s up for grabs, or the T-vixen?

Here is the original online exercise database:


Hope this helps

Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS
Director, Athletic Performance Center

Elveneyes: exrx.com has a great library of exercises, with both a written description and in-page videos showing the whole exercise. They load immeadiately and are very useful. T-Mag has a great supplementary info on the biomechanics, too, but I’ve seen several of the contributors recommend learning from an experienced PL or a strength coach.

Good luck! O-lifts are unbelievably rewarding.