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Quality Test Booster?


So I got a blood test done and found out my total test levels are in the 480s which is kind of a surprise when the blood test previous had them in the 290s. Now for some people these levels may be ok but I am 21 and the optimal total test level for a 21 year old male that I have been finding have been around the 690s.

Normally I wouldnt care but I have been feeling like crap all the time. So while I am seeking a test booster to boost my levels I also want to benefit from it physically...Any suggestions? Previous experiences? Results?
Thanks All


There really isn't an effective supplement to boost test naturally.

Lift heavy weights, eat a high protein diet, get 8 hours sleep, meditate/relax to alleviate stress.

Vitamin D and magnesium supplementation can boost your T if you are deficient.


zma and Alpha Male. Also some good suggestions here...

Also get tons of good fats in your diet -olive oil, quality fish, greek yogurt etc