Quality Supplements?

I worked out regularly through highschool (I’d hoped to get into some amateur bodybuilding competitions but never did). At the time I was up on the new supplements coming out and brands and all that. I’m going to be coming off a low-carb diet for weight loss and want to get back in the iron game and I have no idea who makes anything worthwhile anymore.

I always had good success with creatine, and on top of that I’d like a good whey powder I can use as a base for shakes. Also if there are any other good vitamins or anything I can add in I’d appreciate the recommendations. Not looking to break the bank or get too crazy with the supplements. So any brands you all have experience with that are good, not packed full of junk and not terribly expensive.

Some more detail about your plan and goals would help. But in general…

Metabolic Drive, whey-casein blend.

If you’re re-introducing carbs, Indigo-3G can be an effective nutrient partitioner.

Surge Workout Fuel for workout nutrition, first and foremost before the other supps.

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Thanks Chris.

I’m working on mobility and flexibility right now, with some pretty light bodyweight stuff thrown in. Once I’m out of the caloric deficit and low-carb diet I’ll be doing bodyweight and kettlebell work for a bit. Then I’m looking at running either Starting Strength or Greyskull LP, so I’m looking for strength and size, but I want to build up some good numbers on compound lifts before I get too concerned with hypertrophy.

someone told me that if i take creatine in a long time run, my body will stop produce creatine because i already give 5g to my body everyday ! is it true ? do we have to cycle creatine or its a fake news ?