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Quality of Your PEDS

guys and girls that use PED s remember to be careful where you buy your from. we put stuff in our body that we hope is the real thing and is clean but truth is you never know. so always be careful, i have been very lucky with my source and it being pharm grade but not everyone is

I plan on heating my UGL vials and letting them sit a couple days before using them. Just figure if they are not using solvents (alcohol) in them (they probably are), and bacteria got into them (very possible with UGL), that throwing them in a pan with shallow water and boiling them for 30 or so minutes isn’t going to hurt.

That does nothing for the concern of actually getting properly dosed oils with the drug you paid for. For now I am pretty happy with test, and I can tell if bunk via blood test.

There’s plenty of UGL’s that are good.

But really have to be sure and make sure it is a trusted source before using.

I prefer to get only gear that I can verify somewhere, I never used gear just by word of mouth.

Always double check on the internet and check for reviews and lab results.

If you are diligent enough you will most likely find bad reviews for all of the popular UGLs. Product gets seized, customer gives a bad review. People give reviews for bad experiences far more than for good experiences.

I am learning this process now as I have lost my in person source :frowning:

Additionally, it is really hard on other forums to trust anyone. I would need to spend hours on their forum just to figure out the the more sneaky shills. Some are obvious, others are not.

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Oh yes that happens too, I believe it also has to do with some popular labs being faked a lot and some people might’ve gotten a hold of the fakes and thinking it doesn’t work.

But yeah some also just get straight bad reps while being legit, the ones I usually get don’t really have any bad reps though, very trusted and always provide lab results regularly, there’s plenty of those type of labs.

Yeah it takes a while to find out which are good and used by many reputable guys, but once you get a hold of a good source you’re often good for a long time.

I always prefer labs that have verification codes, and lab results. When I first get something from a new lab, I let it get tested myself as well, then I know its good to go or not and stick with it.

My plan now is to try out one at a time at TRT doses of test. Get a blood test. If legit then I order more and larger qty. I still have some pharma test as a back up.

For the near future I plan on only using test (and maybe EQ). I have done var in the past too (I didn’t like it that much). So at least with test verifying dosing is not to bad as long as you have a reference to go off of, which I do on pharma test.

But testing the same compound and dose for a long time might be hard to guess though, a lab test is a sure way to know its potency.

Coz often the longer you’re on a certain something the more it takes to feel the same benifit of it after a while.

For example now I have to take 500MG of Test to feel the same as when I felt on my first time 250MG of Test hehe, even if the lab is good.

That’s why I now go by lab results rather than how I feel hehe.

My current cycle is Test/Deca 500/500, I literally don’t feel any sides so it’s almost like I’m not even on a cycle since I feel very normal on it, however the lab tests were exactly correctly dosed on the Milligrams plus I see and feel the obvious gains.

If I went by how I feel I would’ve thought it’s underdosed, but they turned out to be potent on the dot.

also remember most of the raws for the ugl s come from china!! guys be safe!!!

as far as forums i watch too because there paid sponsors so still could be crap, supplier i use isnt on a forum

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I mean an actual blood test. I have a blood TT test on 140 mg/wk of pharma test. I will have an idea if the test is dosed properly (or present at all) by comparing to the blood TT test.

I am not convinced by the labs that post mass spectrometry data / graphs as those could be faked too.

It is difficult to buy illegal things. Easy to get conned.

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That’s also a good way of course.

I agree, that’s entirely possible, but I mean aside from that if I know enough people that use it and tested it, i mean also testing yourself, you can get your gear tested at a lab for it’s potency yourself as well, then if it’s good you know you can probably trust this source.

Of course not every batch is made the same, but in general it should be alright if tested.

I’ve had some products a few mg Under, some a few mg Over, but generally very very close or exact.

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If you need a source feel free to message me all I’m saying is guys becareful

T-nation does not have messaging. Can you put your email in your profile?

I have good sources, I just don’t mention them because it’s not allowed I think

Usually dudes who comment like that are making money from getting people to the source they provide, or are a reseller themselves, that’s exactly why it’s not allowed to talk about sources, to avoid stuff like that.

I’d be careful with that too.

Already went through his post history. I thought the same thing as you. I am not someone easy to scam. I am a skeptical person. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hear him out, but extraordinary evidence would have to be presented to convince me of a source from someone who I have no reason to trust (no offense goodguy, I just don’t know you).

Gotcha my fault and no I don’t make money just nervous with the china stuff because most raws come from there

Oh sorry well Idk of course haha.

Actually one of the best UG’s I’ve used was from Hong Kong at a certain point in time.

No idea about the current state of it though, was years ago.

Where are you from? USA?

I’m in USA yes and I was always told most ugl get there raws from china