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Quality of this Pullover Machine?


Dr. Darden, I have the opportunity to purchase this machine. How does this specific model rate in your book?


That looks like the Nitro version.
Overall this range seems to be the most popular of the "Post Jones " among HIT trainers , so it is likely to be a pretty good unit.

I have similar one to this model. It should do a good job.

Thank you! Does the Cybex version rate or nautilus for the win?image

I do not like the Cyber versions of the pullover.

Great—thank you!

I was sick when my gym remodeled and got rid of the cyber machine … I loved it. I hate the Hammer plate loaded machine my gym kept. I have quit doing pullovers due to the fact that the only pullover machine in there is the Hammer .

Agreed on the Hammer Strength pullover being terrible. Movement arms are not connected and biggest issue is there is no foot pedal to help get into position. Virtually worthless machine and the only pullover my gym has.