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Quality of Personal Trainers




I can't read that even when I click on it.

But I may add that I already know most personal trainers just basically repeat whatever Reader's Digest said last month or whatever.


I facebooked him, you forgot to delete his second name off of his original status lol. Anyway, from what I can see he doesn't look 85 pounds more than an average person, and he's obviously talking out of his ass anyway. You shouldn't even bother with most people anyway bro, 99% of the time it'll be a waste of your time.


Are you hoping we tell you you're right and then he logs on here and sees it!?!?! CUMMON I KNOW IT!

Seriously though, who gives a fuck, you're both generalizing and don't sound like you would be much help to anyone...


Thats a good attitude. But I wouldn't criticize someones living if you think they're "shit" at it. It takes time become proficient at stuff, and you can't blame people for what they don't know. unfortunately in health and fitness the educational process is highly unregulated, the audience is generally impressionable and know nothing about the subject so they just listen. This tends to make people say shit for the sake of it. I was just like that guy at one point. I think in that convo you could've been more helpful with some tact. And as far as other people knowing more than you. I know lots of people who know more than me too, but a lot of them have no clue how to apply it or maybe just a bad working memory....or more than likely don't care much. I criticize trainers all the time for not caring, thats one thing, but education takes time my man.....


Well, as far as getting mad. What does how you work out have to do with who you are? How is this even insulting. Secondly you will start learning that more you do learn, the more you realize you don't know shit. And don't have a shit fit, but T-Nation is hardly filled with "smart things about fitess". There is so much to this you have no fucking idea.

This is human bodies we're dealing with. This doens't matter for people training for fun. But for a professional or anyone dispensing advice you better know as much as you fuckin can or keep your mouth shut otherwise.


He was trying to help the "ellipti-people" get a work out in at home which is quick and efficient. He didn't say anything about packing on slabs of muscle. Probably just trying to motivate people to do something rather than nothing. I don't believe in the Herbalife stuff and perhaps this kid is a giant douche in real life but you're the douche in this specific interaction. Sorry bro.


I'd sooner believe this guy has video proof of him ass fucking every NFL cheerleader from the last decade...


Does nobody use profile pictures any more? =p

This guy is deliberately lying to other people to make money. 83 lbs of muscle in 8 months isn't even something you can "kind of, sort of" convince yourself you've done. He's lying and he knows he's lying.

Even on Deca, dbol and T, you're looking at about 20lbs of total weight gain after 2.5 months. Assuming you do three back-to-back cycles, that is to say, you survive doing this for 7.5 months straight, you're only looking at 60 or so pounds of >>total mass<< gained.

Either herbalife is selling some serious, and I mean serious drugs, or this guy is lying.

Also, he doesn't seem to have any understanding of the significance of diet. it's not just a "nice" habit to have, it's the fucking cornerstone of building muscle/losing fat. I'd go so far as to say your diet is more important than your actual program. You can't out-lift or out-cycle a shit diet.

My advice is to block his ass and pretend he never existed.


People need to know more period. And then realize even that isn't worth shit if it's not applied.

And that amount of muscle in that time?....Is this really worth talking about?

I'd say including hormonal aid you'd be looking at about 0.5lbs.month. 6 lbs of muscle in a year is so much fucking more than people think....




dude you got in an armchair arugement with some nerd online about the truth of fitness and you are actually both wrong and both saying nonsense. And you got mad? About what someone said online? If the kid is running a business and trying to make money selling dreams and false hopes through his misguided information and then you find it smart to go onto his page and say he is wrong (while youre wrong at the same time) of course he is going to get mad and say something nasty back. And then you post on here and want us to do what? Are you whining? let it go and go do something important with yourself. Like dave tate said "i dont respond to trolls, I dont have the time and I dont want to argue with every dumb mother fucker out there that will never listen to me. So why care? fuck em" Why dont you get upset about serious issues and leave nerds saying bullshit online alone. Grow up amigo


He didn't specify that this out of gym routine was to build muscle and burn fat. Maybe it was just an easy way for some people to start exercising. You were being the dick making generalisations and assumptions. Whilst true he did make some retarded comments, and is probably a moron, but he was right saying you had blew this all out of proportion.


I blame the customers. They (most) don't even want someone who's knowledgable; they want a combination drill sergeant/motivational speaker.

This guy is inevitable.


Hey to everyone: Thanks for stereotyping us Personal Trainers!

Some of us are good and some of us are not so good.


Sad thing is most people need the Drill Instructor/ Motivational speaker bit.

Just so happens if your also knowledgable with those benefits as mentioned you get results.


Much better.


What is he wrong on, exactly?


I'm sorry about my low opinion of most PTS...but my gym {now a World Gym but used to be a 24 Hour affiliate) apparently only had a 2-day class for PTs.
I mean what kind of PT has their clients start a workout with horribly-preformed bicep curls? Or women that are about 200lbs doing wrist curls?
One of them wears a lifting belt the whole time he's out on the floor. Even on a stationary bike.
Many many times I"ve seen then answer their cell phones while with a client.


A majority are bad. It's a sales based job and there are a lot of people that think because they've earned a certificate they're an expert on the subject. I've worked as one at three different gyms and trust me, the truly knowledgeable are few and far between.