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Quality of Life is a State of Mind


Now that I've got your attention. slow eyebrow raise

Y'know, over the last decade or so, I've witnessed many friends and associates living beyond their means via credit - attempting to achieve something that perhaps is never there...they pay £200 for a shirt and for a night they feel like a Hollywood star but the next day it's back to pot noodles.....

as far as Im concerned, quality of life is all in your head - I try and hang my everyday life arond weekly events - over a year I go to the cinema 52 times, I read 12 books, I attend the theatre monthly, have a season ticket in the best seats and generally feel fairly absorbed in culture - add to this a couple of holidays and my own unique day (I tend to wake around 7am..straight to the gym then two hours later I pop into work for a couple of hours before lunch..I then take a siesta period of four hours before returning to the office around 4pm till 8pm..then arrive home about 20.30...

fortunatley, I live in a flash house and drive a luxury car but that means nish if it's not spick and span ... so it always is....theres no room for any rubbish in my Universe - all more musics online or vinyl - I have exquiste taste in rare groove funk and my book shelves are full of books).

Anyhows - I think Ive got it just right at the moment, the crest of a wave Ive been on for several years is down to hard graft but also guile - so I say this to you friends - whatever your position in life, live for yourself...DONT SPEND MONEY ATTEMPTING TO IMPRESS FOLK THAT YOU DONT EVEN LIKE - love is free so give it out in bucket loads, R.E.S.P.E.C.T your Mother and Family beyond belief and dont let friends problems add to your own - we face tough times ahead people but with a can of Pledge, a bottle of Shake N Vac and some Brasso everything can be that little bit better.

Join me people - I come from the roughest background of anyone I know in this country and while Im not a millionaire, Im a zillionaire in contentment terms - this is via clean living, clean lines and clean (1000 stitch per square inch Egyptian) linen.



I'm way too selfish and cheap to spend money on something that doesn't benefit me or make me happy in some way, shape, or form.

I've known this since I started making money.


I'm waiting for this guy to try selling me something.

It sounded like you were saving money by TALKING about the expensive stuff you have to impress people you've never even seen!


I dont find contentment in standing still - stand still and you get overtaken...when I was a yoof, the very idea of even owning a second pair of underwear seemed a long way off - so when Im striding down the Cote D'zur, casual as funk, the heavy funk in my brain and 90% of squeezes turn their heads to get a glance at me...I can read their minds thinking 'how does he walk with Goldfish swimming in his platforms'...I thank God and I thank Godfather of Soul James Brown for allowing Me, to be Myself.

I find it funny on forums that expressing oneself is frowned upon - Im hip and I want everyone else to be hip too.

Now excuse me, while I do the boogaloo.



I've found if I just wait a couple of days the need to buy stupid shit goes away.

My son just started his first job three weeks ago and he hasn't blown it all...a good sign I hope.


I know exactly where you're coming from, Comrade. Keep it clean and simple and all for me. When I feel like running, I run. When I get tired, I sleep. When I get hungry, I eat. When it rains, I get wet. When I reach the coast, I turn around and head back. I have no need for sex, but my loins are sated regularly by nubile young virgins, whose virtue is only improved by the reception of my seed.

My back is like teflon, strong as shit and non-stick. My asshole sparkles when I shit, because I live so cleanly. When I fart, it is like the angels on high have broken into song and the faeries of the spring have loosed rose petals into the air. It is beautiful, indeed.

I am a steaming pile of shit and the whole world populace are starving flies, they are drawn to me so. Strangers on the street give me gifts of scented oils, semi-precious stones and terrines of exotic soups, for no reason.

When I walk, ladies throw their corsets down so that my soles do not sully themselves on the unclean pavement. Old women weep for the beauty they have seen when I walk by, because now they feel free enough to leave this world fulfilled.

Wars have ceased by my mere appearance on the shores of discontent.

For the record, I am as hip as they fucking come.



Quality of life is a state of mind.....right...

Try telling that to someone with Ebola or those starving kids in africa. Idiot.


Pretentious douchebag.


I think you should live life to please the senses. Things that give you the visual, auditory, tactile, taste and smell will always be the most rewarding. Oh yea, also feed the soul every once in a while too.




Only hollowed out shells of men need to feed their souls. My soul is abounding in richness so that I may feed others from it.



Dollarbill has got this thing called "life", all sewn up!

You guys need to get HIP with our thinking.

Im pleased you're offended - that is the first step.

Only one guy was perfect and he was crucified - I'm attempting to offer you a way out, if you want it - it dont all have to be crap indie nights at the local dive, appalling meals, drab clobber and resin joints rolled like a Tampax.



Yea I read up above, how your shit smells like Chanel No. 5, and I am graced by every stride I take past a perfume counter all because of you. I simply must know what your secret is.


If they're happy, their life is great to them.

Have you ever seen a retarded person? Most of them are jolly as fuck, they enjoy life the only way they know it and that makes 'em happy.



Look at the picture of the kid above. Do you think his inferior 'quality of life' is all in his head? You are an ignorant piece of shit, just like the OP.

How the fuck can they be happy when every day is a struggle to merely survive? The whole continent is riddled with disease, famine frequent genocide. Parents have to watch their children die everyday, victims of disease and famine.

Mentally and physically challenged people in the west are lucky enough to receive quality care, in poorer nations they are probably picked apart by wild dogs. I've seen this when I went to Asia, handicapped kids disowned and laying in the street begging for scraps.

"If they're happy, their life is great to them." what a fucking stupid thing to say. It's easy to say that when you're sat on your fatass in holland probably smoking pot everyday.

Heck, this applies to people in the west too, who are stuggling and live in the slums, have lost loved ones or are victims of ill health. I know OP was probably trolling, but you're an absolute moron for agreeing with him.


fail troll is fail


There's no secret, my man. It's just keepin' it real with good, clean living on my terms and generally speaking, just being the best man on the planet.




You're saying that happiness depends on people's physical state? Because that's what I understand from your argument.

You are taking my argument the wrong way. You're assuming I'm saying that his life is inferior to the lives of people in western societies. I am not. I'm simply stating that if that kid is happy then his life is great to him. I'm not saying that he is happy, should be, or will be. Does he think his life sucks? Most likely. Does that immediately mean the same for everyone who lives in poverty? Nope.

I can't make it more clear than this. If you still don't understand, you're the asshole.


How exactly am I "trolling"...?

You guys need to RELAX, put on some Funk, listen to the beat, you might like it. :slight_smile:

If you don't like it... you don't read it... kapeesh?

Now dig on this, all you smoooooth brothers. I've got a fresh squeeze heading over to my joint, I'm talking 20 years, body of a gymnast and the morals of an alley cat. If that's not quality of life, I don't know what is.

If Will Smith was the Fresh Prince, I'm the Fresh KING. You dig?


Well-fucking-done, sir.