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Quality of Life and the Question of Well Being


i removed my story as the response was very disrespectful from one of your members, and the seriousness of my story i feel now doesnt belong in a place like this. thank you.


We can't give advice because we are all dead...from the testosteronez...sorry


its expected that out of some responses, there will be people who have a quick tong to lash out at someone they dont know. If you have no constructive criticism or any advice, please re-frame from saying anything. thank you.


i asked for advice from the professionals, im not a judgmental person, neither should you be.


Dude you stated specifically that you were concerned that testosterone kills you because thats what some study you read once said...obviously it doesnt...how else would you like someone to respond to that?

Dont get your panties in a bundle...if you have legitimate questions and concerns about TRT, we can help you, but please don't dumb the board down in the process


understandable, but you do that all by yourself.


There are hundreds of site members who would disagree with you. Guess I can't keep everybody happy.

The fact that you have a grand total of 4 posts, all of which are in this thread and none of which add anything approaching value to this community, despite being a "member" for nearly 2 years speaks volumes about how seriously you are to be taken. How many people have you attempted to help out here? You are a fucking pariah--all take and no give.

Don't get upset because I was sarcastic to you and get your little feelings hurt--its not personal. When somebody comes onto a community in their first post and makes a claim that TESTOSTERONE KILLS, they are to be treated as an ignorant troll until proven otherwise. You have not made a case for yourself.

Check out estrogen issues.