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Quality Of Fish Oil?


There's been some talked about fish oil quality, and that one shouldn't always go necessarily for the cheapest alternative.

So how do I know if my fish oil capsules are good quality?

My brand has 200mg of EPA and 140mg of DHA in one capsule...


Look online for their lab analyses. You'll need markers of oxidation and heavy metal content.

Of course most companies don't test for this, which is not a good sign when it comes to fish oil.


It all depends on what you mean by quality.

Are you talking about potency where you get the most epa/dha per capsule, or are you talking about purity, where the most pollutants have been removed.

If, according to Biotest's recent articles, DHA is more important the EPA for a male weightlifter, then Biotest's new Flameout is the most potent fish oil on the market.(Note: I cannot speak about Biotest's quality control or purity standards for this product, but if it is anything like their other products, then I suspect it to be very good).

The only other product that I have found that comes remotely close is Nordic Naturals Pro DHA. It is not as potent as Biotest's Flameout (you get 375 mg DHA/100mh Epa per capsule) but the purity of the fish oil is very high.

Hope this helps.


Flameout. Cotco's Kirkland brand is also good quality and cheap.


The best I've seen and used is Carlson's. SInce I live in the Chicago area, I take the Cod Liver oil with the lemon scent during the winter months to get my Vitamin D. Otherwise, I'm using their regular fish oil brand. I take them in liquid form rather than via tabs. They are laboratory tested for something like 28 different contaminants, including mercury and PCB's. Great stuff man.