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Quality of Bag for Muay Thai

Has anyone ever used the following for heavy striking. Bounce bags thru gungfu.com


They are not cheap so I was just wondering if anyone had personal experience before I shell out $500+ w S/H

i’ve never used that style of bag, nor brand, so i got nothing there…

however, i think for home training, quilty isn’t quite as important then if you were buying for a gym or somehting, were the bag would be getting used several hours a day. maybe see what kind your local gym carries?

I got mine from KO Fightgear. Great price for the quality of product you get from them. right now a 100 lb bag is 188.89 and the quality is extremely good. I have one and absolutely love it. It is well made and holds up to all strikes very well. Plus Neil the guy that runs it is one of the best people to deal with. So that would be my recommendation if you are looking for a good Thai bag.