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Quality Nutrition Handouts

I recently started volunteering for a non-profit medical organization who’s patients are of the low-income/low socioeconomic variety. Because I am a Dietetics major, the lady in charge asked me if I would like to get some new patient literature about various nutritional matters. I checked out what they had and most of it is terribly outdated. I basically have to find all new literature that they can use to hand-out to patients. The only information they have currently is info about:

-DASH diet
-Low-fat diet
-Child nutrition
-Info on lowering cholesterol.

Basically they need a complete revamping of their nutritional handouts. I’m alittle unsure of where to begin as there are so many topics that I could find handouts for. This is why im asking for some help/input from you guys/gals.
Obviously, one of the first places im going to gather info at is mypyramid.gov and the new dietary guidelines for americans. Where else should I look?

Important things to consider:

-I’m looking for HANDOUT type information. I do NOT want long paragraphs and essays because, in all honesty, the patients that go there dont really have the capacity to understand anything but the most basic nutrition information.
-Basically I need the most simple, up-to-date information that covers all the most important aspects of nutrition.

Not an easy task, but I’m hoping that with your help I can get this place up to speed with their nutritional literature. Thanks!


I need more than basic tenents for them to live by…I need actual HANDOUTS about what food groups to choose, high fiber diets, how to lower cholesterol, foods to avoid, etc etc. So far all i’ve got really is the info on mypyramid.gov. Anyone?