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Quality Men on This Forum


I am so impressed with the quality people that share information on this forum. It is truly a wonderful thing to be able to connect with other caring, intelligent guys about issues that are sometimes quite intimidating when faced alone.

Thanks to all of you.




....Kind of a gay thread title, but the Original Poster means well.

Your welcome, fedorov.


Then again...maybe not.


It was a joke buddy.... relax!


I love you too.

And not in the creepy way, either.


Contrl, you fascinate me.

And in a psychiatric sort of way.




If it wasn't for the well informed and educated men in this forum, I would have never gotten my T levels maxed, my thyroid under control, and my doc to approve HCG. I printed posts from here at T-Nation, showed them to my doc, we discussed it and he wrote the script. Talk about being blessed!


Wow, that's a story I would like to hear more about. Your doctor actually read posts that you printed out from T-Nation and he actually didn't just laugh and ignore them?!


Let's all hold hands and sing while swaying back and forth.

But seriously, there's a reason I've stuck around this site for so long: the regular posters on here are quality people. The kind you wouldn't mind sharing a urinal with.



I resent that this was posted in the old geezer forum. You got to be 35 to be a stand up guy?


Shut up and go to your room.


Consider yourself lucky you don't have to share a urinal with DB.


Can men and women realy share a urinal? I mean in a "just friends" kind of way, not the good creepy way.


I don't know about other women, but all I get when I pee standing up is a wet shoe.




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honestly though, compared to the rest of the internet this place has SERIOUS quality in terms of the community and help for each other.

I have been helped a ton in terms of injuries, nutrition, training, life in general.

most of the time it's not direct aid, but only here do i seem to hear a great deal of other peoples stories where i can go "hey, me too, i guess i am not alone"

ps thanks Dr Powerclean for the olympic tips and injury stuff, helped me from overanalyzing things and freaking out with my initial adjustment to OL, I am almost totally healed up now, way more flexible, and my thighs are rock hard and strong as hell after only 3 weeks


I'm happy for you, you got through the worst of it and you should do well now. I must admit, I had a hard time seeing you freak out, because of two reasons. One, OL kicks my ass every day as a 51 year old and its not gonna get much better, and two, I knew you were overthinking stuff. How? Because it takes one to know one. lol Doc